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Cormac McCarthy’s violent Child of God becomes a movie

The next Cormac McCarthy novel to arrive in cinemas will be Child of God – his third novel, published in 1973. It’s a violent story set in Tennessee in the 1960s and not for the faint-hearted.

The book has no quotation marks and McCarthy also switches between styles to further confuse (or inspire) the reader.

Tread carefully, this novel addresses isolation, death and necrophilia as the main character, Lester Ballard, becomes increasingly more remote from society.

The movie is directed by James Franco and Scott Haze plays Ballard.

The 1975 British first edition from Chatto and Windus (pictured) looks almost comical and that was clearly not McCarthy’s intention. This novel asks a lot of questions about how society can break down. The designer should have watched Burt Reynolds in Deliverance to get a feel for mayhem in a rural setting.


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