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Prime smuggling real estate – Jamaica Inn is for sale

Jamaica Inn is for sale. No, not the book, I mean the actual building in Cornwall and it’s going to cost £2 million, according to the BBC. The inn, made famous by Daphne du Maurier’s fantastic smuggling novel, has been owned by John and Wendy Watts for the last 40 years and they are now going to retire.

Years ago, I visited the pub, which occupies a very lonely position on Bodmin Moor, and it’s indeed a true roadside coaching inn between Launceston and Bodmin. It’s easy to imagine plots and dirty deeds taking place there in the dead of night. Built in 1750, Jamaica Inn was also once owned by the thriller writer Alistair MacLean. Visitors can see the author’s writing desk and other possessions.

The book, set in 1820, was published in 1936 and famously details a group of wreckers who run ships aground, murder sailors and steal the cargoes. The book’s heroine is 23-year-old Mary Yellan who goes to live at the inn and encounters the brutal inn-keeper, Joss Merlyn.

Looking for the ideal cover for the your criminal activities? Consider Jamaica Inn located in desolate and lonely Bodmin Moor. Extensive cellars for smuggled goods. Nearby bogs and marshes for body disposal. Many hidden shelves and cupboards for weapons. Barrels of brandy coming and going will not look out of place in this thriving roadside inn. This successful, legitimate business will help disguise your shady dealings. Troublesome serving wench included.

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