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Mantel to Hugo: 50 essential historical fiction novels

Our latest feature is 50 essential historical fiction novels. This genre has never been bigger. Hilary Mantel has twice won the Booker with historical novels based in Tudor times and Eleanor Catton’s acclaimed novel, The Luminaries, which is set amid in the New Zealand gold rush, has won just about everything in 2013.

This feature has more than 170 comments on Facebook with dozens of further suggestions for what should be on the list. Lots and lots of recommended reading.

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One Response to “Mantel to Hugo: 50 essential historical fiction novels”

  1. avatar
    earnest thompson May 1, 2015 at 4:32 am

    Looked at the 50 essential historical novels and was surprised that Chinua Achebe was left off the list . How about Arrow of God?