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Original Artwork from Famous Folks

AbeBooks is all about the business of books, including book-related ephemera: in this case, art. Many authors have tried their hand at drawing or painting, and many artists and illustrators drew and painted long before they became successful or famous. To the lucky collector who finds one, nothing is more priceless or precious than a unique and irreplaceable piece of artwork by a much-admired hand.

Watercolor and pencil, sketches and doodles, each of the pieces below is a rare and unique treasure, waiting to become the crown jewel in a beloved collection. From Arthur Rackham and Dr. Seuss to Edward Gorey and e.e. cummings, enjoy the skill and beauty of original art.

Original Artwork from Famous Folks

Gulliver Art by Gustaf Tenggren

Gulliver Art
Gustaf Tenggren
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