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Top 20 Most Beloved Children’s Characters

This Guardian list of the 20 most beloved characters in children’s literature, as voted on by children aged 5-12 in the UK, is heartening. There are a few I don’t recognise, and a couple for which complete media saturation can be blamed, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that children are still reading, and enjoying, some classic characters that I loved as a child. And of course, happier still to see that Roald Dahl is still beloved all ’round.

1. Harry Potter
2. Horrid Henry
3. Tracy Beaker
4. Biff, Chip and Kipper (school reading scheme characters)
5. Hannah Montana
6. Doctor Who
7. Ben 10
8. Winnie the Pooh
9. Captain Underpants
10. Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
11= Cinderella
11= Gruffalo
11= Peter Pan
11= Charlie and Lola
15. Matilda
16= Alex Rider
16= Fantastic Mr Fox
16= Spiderman
19. Thomas The Tank Engine
20. BFG

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