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Tracey Thorn’s pop memoir, Bedsit Disco Queen

My next literary purchase will be Bedsit Disco Queen by Tracey Thorn – the singer of Everything But The Girl. The Telegraph carries a review.

‘Once upon a time, and quite out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, I had a huge worldwide hit single,” writes Tracey Thorn in Bedsit Disco Queen, her intensely readable account of 30 years of being in love with music. The hit she refers to is Missing, recorded in 1993, as one half of Everything But the Girl, with her musical and romantic partner Ben Watt.

Everything But the Girl  survived for 18 years, between 1982 and 2000, and released nine albums and sold nine million records. I have a feeling this book will once again guide me through the 1980s and 1990s as those decades were yesterday. Goodness only knows how times I have listened to their huge hit, Missing, and her work with Massive Attack on Protection.

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