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Who was GE Farrow & what is a Wallypug?

The AbeBooks office is surrounded by thick fog. A random AbeBooks search on the word ‘fog’ delivers a lot of James Herbert books and this gem from GE (George Edward) Farrow – Wallypug in Fog-land from 1904.

Farrow (1862-1919) was a children’s book author and it appears his background is, indeed, shrouded in fog. Born in Ipswich, he wrote more than 30 books for youngsters and was known for his nonsense writing – particularly the Wallypug series, which began in 1895 with The Wallypug of Why. However, very little appears to be known about this author although many of our sellers compare his writing to Lewis Carroll’s. Wallypug was a king, I think?

The most expensive Wallypug book on AbeBooks is Wallypug Tales at more than £1000.

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