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Archive | January 9, 2013

A beautiful architecture book: Phaidon’s Le Corbusier Le Grand

Our latest video is a review of a hefty book called Le Corbusier Le Grand published by Phaidon. Le Corbusier Le Grand is a visual biography of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret’s work and his impact on modern architecture. An artist, urban planner, theorist, furniture designer and author, Jeanneret is better known by his pseudonym, Le Corbusier. The […]

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150 years of the Tube – Beck’s map, a wartime wood engraving, history & posters

The first journey on the London Underground was made 150 years ago, on 9 January 1863. The carriage was pulled by a steam train so imagine the smoke and dirt on that journey. The Daily Telegraph has a round-up of the Tube’s cultural impact but surely the Tube has always been a friend to booklovers […]

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