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Rod Stewart’s autobiography…not bad apparently

The Guardian reviews Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart. Last night on the radio, they played Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? It brought back a lot of memories of Kenny Everett parodies. December 1978 seems like just the other day. In shocking news, this book doesn’t seem too bad. Apparently, Rod’s best chat-up line is ‘Hello darlin’ – what you got in that handbag?’

I don’t know whether Stewart wrote all of Rod himself but if he did he deserves respect and if he didn’t I hope his ghost – rumoured to be journalist Giles Smith – is getting a decent slice of the action. The writing is a cut above workmanlike, the tone pitched right and the jokes good. Each chapter is given a whimsical 18th-century-style subheading, beginning with the dry: “In which our hero is born, just over six years of global conflict ending shortly thereafter …”

Sprinkled hither and yon are Digressions on various pet subjects. The first one is on the subject of his hair, and it’s splendid. He’s had the same hairstyle for 45 years (“It’s what I have in common with the Queen”). He paints a delightful portrait of early days: he and Ron Wood spending hours tenderly arranging each-other’s barnets; or standing on the platform at Archway tube desperately trying to protect his bouffant from the pressure wave of the arriving train.

AbeBooks offers signed copies of Rod: The Autobiography – the prices are no where near the prices asked for signed copies of Keith Richards’ autobiography.

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