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An unusual reading position – a speeding motorcycle

Look carefully at the photograph above, it was taken from the passenger seat of our car as we returned from our family holiday. The girl, riding pillion on the motorcycle down a major road at around 50 mph, is reading a book.

The book was positioned against the driver’s back and she was totally engrossed in whatever she was reading. The girl, who was in a short skirt and cowboy boots, never once looked away from her book as we watched them travel along the same road for a few miles. It looked like a hardcover and I’m thinking a paperback would be too flimsy for this type of reading.

I was hoping to draw alongside at the lights so I could ask out the window what she was reading but the two vehicles were never next to each other.

I’ve seen books read in many places but never on the back of a speeding motorcycle. I wonder what she was reading.

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One Response to “An unusual reading position – a speeding motorcycle”

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    That’s my niece Shayla. The young man up front on the bike is her then-fiance’ Ben. She’s reading Harry Potter #6, I believe. Yes, Shay is an avid and dedicated reader!