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Forgotten book of the day – The Big Budget for Girls

I found this lovely book at a charity book sale. The Big Budget for Girls was a series of books published annually during the 1930s.  Published by Blackie, the book is full of stories for girls but it was the cover artwork that attracted me. There also some lovely illustrations inside. The stories are called […]

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Forgotten book of the day: The Wreck of the South Pole

Forgotten book of the day is The Wreck of the South Pole and Other Strange Tales by Charles Curtz Hahn. A novel from 1899 published by Street & Smith in New York.  There is a lost race of humanoid in the Antarctic that possess telepathic powers and advanced technology. A rare book and I love […]

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A book from the golden age of cycling

Before lycra, before doping, before Lance Armstrong, before Bradley Wiggins, before those funny aerodynamic helmets, there was a book published in 1900 called Cycling the Alps With Some Notes on the Chief Passes by C.L. Freeston. It was a time when ladies cycled in very long skirts. It appears C.L. Freeston wasn’t a devotee of […]

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Vintage advertising: Jean Harlow sells cigarettes

I love this Jean Harlow advert for cigarettes from1931.

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Row over ‘homage’ to classic Ipcress File dust jacket

Dust jackets are really important in my line work. A modern first edition really needs a dust jacket to be valuable. The most eye-catching dust jackets are invaluable in helping me sell books to you folks. There are times when a gorgeous dust jacket stops me in my tracks. Therefore I feel compelled to highlight […]

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Latex ‘bedroom’ fashions from 1975

Look at this gem from 1975. Ultra Latex: Exotic Rubber Fashions for Every Mood. It’s the ideal book for all those new fans of erotica who have just read Fifty Shades of Grey. This book is a gift to comedy. What is that man wearing? And what about the woman in yellow? Hardly exotic!

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An Ace Double

Here is a lovely example of an Ace Double from 1970. On one side we have Flower of Doradil by John Rackham and then flip it over, and we have A Promising Planet by Jeremy Strike. Read our feature to learn more about vintage copies of Ace Books.

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Vintage paperbacks from Ace Books

Philip K Dick, R.A. Lafferty, William Gibson and Ursula K Le Guin owe a debt of gratitude to Ace Books. Founded in 1952, this pioneering publisher championed the science fiction genre and helped showcase many talented up-and-coming writers. I’m sure everyone is familiar with their paperbacks and their famous cover art of dramatic science fiction […]

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The forgotten books of H.L. Gee

I discovered a new author yesterday, or rather I discovered an old one – H.L. Gee. That’s Herbert Leslie Gee to be precise. Gee was a prolific writer and one of his favourite subjects was Yorkshire, particularly its seaside. He wrote Folk Tales of Yorkshire and Cloud and Sunshine: Some Account of a Plain Man’s Journey […]

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Locked room mysteries

For seemingly no good reason at all, the BBC asks why locked room mysteries are so popular. It’s good to see the article reference John Dickson Carr, who was the master of the locked room mystery as detailed in our feature about this sub-genre of thriller writing. Dickson Carr, who also wrote under the pseudonym […]

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