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American poet Louise Glück wins 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature

Today, we have a good reason to talk about poetry. Louise Glück (pronounced Glick) has won the 2020 Nobel prize for literature. She is the first American woman to win since Toni Morrison in 1993. The 77-year-old writer has already won a Pulitzer, a National Book Award and numerous other prizes. Her writing often covers […]

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Welsh National Opera turns In Parenthesis war poem into a bestseller

The Welsh National Opera’s interpretation of In Parenthesis has sparked interest in David Jones’ modernist poem about World War I. The book has been the top search term on AbeBooks.co.uk during July and is now a bestseller… 79 years after it was originally published. The poem was published in 1937 and won Hawthornden literary prize […]

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Seize the day – a first edition of A Shropshire Lad sells for £3,250

Seize the day, it’s a mantra we hear almost daily across social media and pop culture. One hundred and twenty years after the publication of A Shropshire Lad, a first edition of A.E. Housman’s famous book of poetry – which encourages readers to act while they can – has sold for £3,250 on AbeBooks.co.uk. Housman’s collection […]

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Supermarket chain Waitrose hires poet Roger McGough to liven up its aisles

Posh supermarket chain Waitrose has turned to poetry in its latest bid to win over Britain’s shoppers. The Guardian reports Waitrose plans to display “poetry throughout its stores as part of a year-long campaign which, it says, is aimed at reducing the drudgery of the regular shop. Amen to that! I can tell you horror […]

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Introducing The Alphabet Library: An A-Z of Forgotten Books

As far as we’re concerned, a good book never dies. It’s just hard to remember them all. Now, some forgotten books are going to be returning to the limelight as the Daily Telegraph has just published the first installment of The Alphabet Library: an A to Z of forgotten books. AbeBooks.co.uk is sponsoring this online […]

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Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney dies at 74

The Irish writer and poet Seamus Heaney has died after a short illness. He was 74 and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995. Heaney was born in 1939  in County Derry, Northern Ireland, and studied at Queen’s University in Belfast, before training as a teacher. He settled in Dublin but also worked in […]

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Burns Night – facts, tips, food and toasts

Happy Burns Night to the Scots and lovers of Robbie Burns’ writing. As usual, there is always something to read about Burns – the Daily Telegraph has Burns in popular culture (check out the Coke bottles), The Guardian blogs about Burns Night food, the Daily Express offers tips on how to host a Burns Night […]

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Sharon Olds wins TS Eliot poetry prize with divorce-inspired collection

More poetry news, and once again the poems concern a depressing subject. Sharon Olds has just won the TS Eliot poetry prize for her Stag’s Leap collection about divorce, reports The Guardian. The American poet wins £15,000 – a sum donated by Valerie Eliot. The collection operates as what The Observer described as a “calendar […]

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Radio 4 to broadcast Tony Harrison’s controversial poem, V

BBC Radio 4 is going to broadcast a new version of Tony Harrison’s controversial poem, V, which is heavy on the swear words, according to The Guardian. The poem includes the f-word, the c-word and and the n-word. V was written during the 1984-85 coal miners’ strike and features the problems in Leeds during that […]

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