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Rare photo album commemorating The 39 Steps movie sells for £8,250

AbeBooks.co.uk has sold a rare presentation photograph album commemorating the 1935 movie version of John Buchan’s classic thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps. The book – containing more than 200 photographs – sold for £8,250 (approx. $12,500). Probably one of only a handful produced by Lime Grove Studios as a gift to key people involved in the […]

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A Gallery of September’s Stunning Sales

September’s most expensive sales list includes no fewer than four historically significant, multi-volume sets, including the complete works or Sir Winston Churchill in 38 volumes and Sir James George Frazer’s The Golden Bough in 13 volumes. Also on the list is a first edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, signed by J.K. […]

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Signed first edition of John le Carré’s debut novel sells for £13,345

Famous fictional secret agents and spies abound, from 007  and Simon ‘The Saint’ Templar to Jason Bourne, but John le Carré’s wonderful creation George Smiley might just be the best of them all. Our most expensive sale last month was a signed first edition of Call for the Dead, the author’s debut novel from 1961. […]

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Big Brother sells rare books – first edition of 1984 goes for $3,000

Two first editions of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four have sold this week on AbeBooks as surveillance by our governments continues to be the No.1 news story around the world. A first edition, first printing in a green dust jacket sold for $3,000 (about £1,913) and a first edition, first printing in the red dust jacket sold […]

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Strong demand for collectable Margaret Thatcher books

The announcement of Margaret Thatcher’s death at the age of 87 has sparked a flurry of sales. Yesterday, AbeBooks sold 21 books associated with the former prime minister priced £100 or more. Collectors interested in her writing will veer towards her signed books, which are plentiful at the moment. The former Conservative leader signed a […]

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Giggle Water – a rare cocktail recipe book from 1928

A while back, AbeBooks sold a remarkable cocktail book – Giggle Water Including Eleven Famous Cocktails of The Most Exclusive Club in New York by Charles D Warnock for £1,200. It’s an ultra-rare self-published cocktail recipe book from 1928. The cocktails described are the The Bronx, The Astor, The Bacardi, The Clover, The Dry Martini, The […]

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117 years apart: Oscar Wilde & Katie Price

There has been a strange meeting (in my mind anyway) in the world of books, involving Oscar Wilde and Katie Price. Last month’s list of the most expensive sales on AbeBooks was led by a signed copy of The Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde. Around the same time as we were compiling that list, the […]

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Signed first edition of Where the Wild Things Are sells for £16,200

May’s most expensive sales on AbeBooks included a signed first edition of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak for £16,200 ($25,000). Sendak’s death in May sparked a great deal of interest in his books, both rare and ordinary. The price is a record for any Sendak book on AbeBooks and is certainly one […]

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