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Tickets please. Osterley Bookshop is housed in an old Tube station

Books and trains have always had a close relationship. The Osterley Bookshop, in the leafy suburbs of west London, is located in an old (overground) Tube station. The building is just a couple of minutes walk from the current Osterley Tube station (an Art Deco gem from 1933) and is owned by Tony Vesely and his wife, […]

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Island life suits the Ryde Bookshop

The Isle of Wight is home to the Ryde Bookshop. Ryde is a small town on the northern side of the island, facing much larger Portsmouth on the mainland. Established in December 1988, the bookshop is open seven days a week and very much a traditional bookshop. Situated at 135 High Street, opposite the Catholic […]

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Carnforth Bookshop – a Lancashire tradition since 1977

North of Morecambe and east of the M6, Carnforth Bookshop is an independent, family-run business in the historic town of Carnforth in a part of Lancashire where there’s a hint of the seaside in the air. Located on Market Street on a very recognizable brick building, the shop was established in 1977 and visitors will find […]

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Derbyshire’s Scarthin Books – beating the odds since 1974

In 2008, The Guardian revealed its list of the 10 best bookshops in the world. Scarthin Books from Cromford in Derbyshire was on the list. Quite an achievement for a bookshop in a small rural community. David Mitchell is the founder and owner of Scarthin. He started the business in 1974 with just a single […]

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Books of the Beat Generation, from Rob Warren Books

Rob Warren is no stranger to nostalgia. The Bronx-born bibliophile traded in it for years as the owner of Skyline Books. Skyline was a New York City bookshop that made its home on W. 18th Street in Manhattan for two decades, until its closure in 2010. Its proprietor’s background was as book-soaked as one could […]

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Next stop Munich’s pop-up rare book fair

My colleague Charlotte Lacroix visited the ILAB pop-up rare book fair in Munich earlier today. The event took place in Kaufmanns-Casino and I particularly adore the idea of books appearing in a place of gambling. Kaufmanns-Casino is a famous cocktail venue where Munich’s movers and shakers like to drink after work and it’s been that […]

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A photographic tour of the ILAB pop-up rare book fairs around the world

To celebrate UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day, ILAB booksellers have organised pop-up book fair around the world. Take a photographic tour of the events going on around the globe today. Visit the ILAB pop-up book fair blog for more details.

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York Antiquarian Book Seminar Prize Draw

Are you thinking of becoming a rare bookseller? Or have you just started to sell collectable books? The second York Antiquarian Book Seminar is an educational event held over three days in York in September, 2015 for booksellers, librarians and collectors that offers expert discussion about rare books. This is your opportunity to enter for […]

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Bails, balls and books: from Wisden collector to Wisden bookseller

The Wisden Shop in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, sells… well…Wisdens – the bible of the cricket world since 1864. Chris Ridler is the man behind this specialist bookselling venture and I’ll let him tell his story. It’s a tale that goes way beyond books. “The main oddity may be that I am really just a collector […]

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