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Seize the day – a first edition of A Shropshire Lad sells for £3,250

Seize the day, it’s a mantra we hear almost daily across social media and pop culture. One hundred and twenty years after the publication of A Shropshire Lad, a first edition of A.E. Housman’s famous book of poetry – which encourages readers to act while they can – has sold for £3,250 on AbeBooks.co.uk. Housman’s collection […]

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Million dollar junk shop photo reveals Billy the Kid played croquet

The wildest man in the Wild West, Billy the Kid, played croquet, it has been revealed after the remarkable discovery of only the second photograph of the outlaw. The Guardian reports: The faded image was among a pile of photos inside a cardboard box at a junk shop in Fresno, California, unearthed by a collector […]

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Date for your calendar – Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair, 6-7 November

The annual Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair is coming up soon. This year’s event is set for Friday November 6 (2pm to 7pm) and Saturday November 7 (11am to 5pm) at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on the King’s Road in London. Tickets are available on the door at £10 each or £15 for two. However, […]

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Black Magic! Classic piece of Gothic horror sells for £1,200

A 1909 first edition of Black Magic by Marjorie Bowen – an influential piece of Gothic fiction – has sold for £1,200 on AbeBooks. Signed and inscribed, this book is very rare with just three other copies from 1909 listed for sale on our marketplace. Black Magic begins with the ominous line: “In the large […]

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The 16th century book that launched a thousand travel books

Travel writing has been around for about two thousand years with both the Romans and Greeks documenting their experiences of early exploration. However, the 16th century marked the real start of travel writing with advances in printing technology and numerous explorers – from Francis Drake to Martin Frobisher – traveling to the corners of the […]

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Next stop Munich’s pop-up rare book fair

My colleague Charlotte Lacroix visited the ILAB pop-up rare book fair in Munich earlier today. The event took place in Kaufmanns-Casino and I particularly adore the idea of books appearing in a place of gambling. Kaufmanns-Casino is a famous cocktail venue where Munich’s movers and shakers like to drink after work and it’s been that […]

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A photographic tour of the ILAB pop-up rare book fairs around the world

To celebrate UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day, ILAB booksellers have organised pop-up book fair around the world. Take a photographic tour of the events going on around the globe today. Visit the ILAB pop-up book fair blog for more details.

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10 Beautiful, Varied Editions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

In the early 19th-century, two German brothers named Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm put together a collection of Germanic folktales, to preserve and share. In 1812 they released them as a book – Grimm’s Fairy Tales, originally actually titled Children’s and Household Tales (Kinder- und Hausmärchen). Dark, often harsh and scary, these were a far cry […]

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