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Before he was ‘Glam’, archive showing 18-year-old Marc Bolan goes on sale

Marc Bolan archive (Pic: Between the Covers)

A collection of letters, photos and poetry from 18-year-old Marc Bolan, showing the early days of his music career, has been listed for sale on AbeBooks.

Bolan became one of the biggest names in 1970s Glam Rock but this archive provides an insight into his life as he prepared to release his debut single, The Wizard, in 1965.

18-year-old Marc Bolan (Pic: Between the Covers)

The photographs show a fresh-faced and handsome 18-year-old with short hair. Most people who became fans of Bolan’s music never saw him with short hair. Bolan died at the age of 29 – in September, it will be 40 years since his death in a car accident in 1977.

The archive includes two copies of the typed lyrics for his first single, five pages of typed poems stapled into a booklet, six photographs taken by Fiona Adam (two of which show Bolan during his first recording session with producer Jim Economides) and a tour programme for Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There is also a draft press release for Bolan’s first single with his name spelled “Mark Bowland” and corrected in black marker. Bolan’s actual name is Mark Feld but he used several stages names before settling on Marc Bolan.

The collection comes from the archive of Sunday Times music critic Derek Jewell, who died in 1985. Jewell learned about Bolan while writing an article on Economides.

The collection is priced at approx. £11,800 ($14,000) and offered by Between the Covers Rare Books, in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

See the archive

Press release promoting Mark Bowland / Marc Bolan (Pic: Between the Covers)


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