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Ten tips for reading to young children

Over at The Guardian, Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon offers 10 tips to make bedtime reading fun for children. In brief, they are…

1. Start early (as in early in life)
2. You are not too busy to read to your child
3. Get your child a library card
4. Think of all those great books you missed as a child
5. Children are not frightened of words they don’t know
6. Let them choose
7. Don’t punish your child for learning to read by not reading to them any more
8. Alternate chapters
9. Get off their case and don’t tell them what to read
10. Try not to sob

They are all good tips. I’d add start early in the evening because young children go rapidly downhill from exhaustion after 7:30pm. I’d also add be expressive, and ask questions or state opinions during the reading.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out our 50 books to read to an 11-year-old.


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