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Wild… staring…. eyes

I love this Phoenix Press cover from 1950. Adrian Reynolds was the pseudonym of Amelia Reynolds Long (1904-1978), a crime and science fiction writer.  This blogger writes at length about Reynolds Long, and it’s a great read about the ‘Queen of Wacky Detective Novels.’

Like a true alternative classic mystery writer Amelia Reynolds Long has a unique way with metaphoric language. Chapter 18, the most Gothic section of this particular book, offers the best of Amelia’s descriptive talent.

The dark hall in which they stood was like the inside of a pocket. He fumbled about on the wall just inside the door for a moment, then located the light switch. As he pressed it, a small orangish bulb set close against the ceiling flashed on. Before its mellow glow, the darkness fled down the hall and scuttled up the staircase. […] he felt the roots of his hair suddenly prickle, while the skin at the back of his neck seemed to be trying to climb up to join his scalp. From somewhere behind him, a huge snake hissed!

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