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Sherlock Holmes at 125

The BBC tells me that it’s 125 years since the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes. A Study in Scarlet was published in 1887, and Holmes and Watson are still going strong. We listened to an audio book of short stories about the duo from 221b Baker Street on the drive to our holidays.

The BBC lady reveals that people obsessed with Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures are travelling to Switzerland to re-enact Holmes’ fight with his nemesis, Moriarty. If you scroll down the article you will see a picture of two old blokes grappling in a most unconvincing fashion.

Over a century later, the struggle at the waterfalls remains one of the most famous scenes in literature and the falls today are a popular destination, not just for fans of Conan Doyle but for tourists from all over the world. A rack railway carries tens of thousands of people up to the spot each year. Today, passing tourists are in for an extra treat – the re-enactment.

Holmes (played by retired headmaster David Jones) and Moriarty (lawyer Peter Horrocks) grapple manfully with each other as the rest of the characters look on aghast. And, as in the original story itself, the re-enactment is determined to leave open the question of who, if anyone, actually survives the apparent plunge down into the gorge.

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