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“One fat young girl asked me to autograph her behind” – extract from the Richard Burton Diaries

The Daily Telegraph carries an extract from The Richard Burton’s Diaries:

2 June 1965

Rose [at] 10 o’clock but weather dull. Had a good row with Burt [Elizabeth Taylor] and accused her, among other things, of lousy taste. She accused me among other things of snobbery. I said the only thing we had in common was Yahtsee. I forgot some other things.

24 September 1966 – Italy

We are down at Tor Vaianica. She cooks, I clean – a little. She does hot dogs and hamburgers and omelettes and soup. I do salads and I clean – a little. Apart from people staring and the occasional autograph we are not much bothered. One fat young girl last weekend asked me to autograph her behind – only barely covered by a bikini. I declined and signed her arm instead.

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