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The Coca-Cola Bottler Magazine

Apparently Coca-Cola was first offered for sale in Britain on this day in 1900. Here’s a piece of Coke memorabilia from April 1959 – The Coca-Cola Bottler magazine was a publication produced by the Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association. It was first printed in April 1909. In a previous life I was a journalist and I learned there are trade magazines for every possible industry – has anyone ever read Meat Trades Journal? The pictures are not for the squeamish.

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One Response to “The Coca-Cola Bottler Magazine”

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    William Bateman May 25, 2018 at 3:14 am

    This April 1959 Bottler commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Association magazine. The original 1899 contract to bottle Coca-Cola was signed by Asa G. Candler (President of the Coca-Cola Company) in consideration of a $1. Only a dollar because Candler thought it was a dumb idea. As for your other comment, Coca-Cola was served in Britain before 1900 on a very limited basis. See our book on Coca-Cola printed in 1995 at Quintet Publishing in London.