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Manchester City, Ipswich Town and the Sex Pistols

What’s the link between Manchester City, Ipswich Town and the Sex Pistols? Well, Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the punks, placed ads promoting the Pistols in match-day programmes for Man City versus Derby County and Ipswich Town versus Liverpool on 4th December 1976. Three days before these two games, the Sex Pistols swore on Thames TV’s Today show with Bill Grundy.

McLaren wanted football hooligans at the Sex Pistols concerts (punch-ups are great for publicity) so he placed a few ads that would be seen by hooligans. Between the Covers-Rare Books in New Jersey is offering the two programmes for sale at £767.

It’s an interesting bit of marketing but I also find myself drawn to the players on the covers. I think the Manchester City programme features Peter Barnes knocking in another cross (Dennis Tueart is probably on the receiving end). I cannot identify the Ipswich Town player in blue (is it Tevor Whymark?) but his opponent in yellow is the great Tony Currie of Leeds United.

It was around this time that I went to my first football match – Stoke City (which included Garth Crooks) versus Cardiff City at the old Victoria Ground. Seeing these programmes brings it all back.

(By the way, if you are really into collecting Sex Pistols memorabilia then AbeBooks.co.uk is also offering is this rider from their doomed 1978 American tour.)

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3 Responses to “Manchester City, Ipswich Town and the Sex Pistols”

  1. avatar

    Your Ipswich v Liverpool programme front cover players are Roger Osborne (Ipswich Town) / Tony Currie (Leeds Utd).

  2. avatar

    Currie could seriously play. Osborne, of course, scored the winner in the 1978 FA Cup final.

  3. avatar

    I’m not convinced it is Roger Osborne – it looks suspiciously like Brian Talbot.