Search Web Services

With our Search Web Services (SWS) you are able to make live queries to our database which contains millions of books. The request then delivers customised search results in xml-format. The SWS offer the best way to get up-to-second search results to integrate into your website.

Using the API requires programming knowledge and is especially suitable for price comparison portals or product search engines but also for all other website owners who wish to professionally integrate products in their sites.

Would you like to use the AbeBooks Search Web Services? Please contact us for more information:


For websites who do not want to or cannot use the Search Web Services we offer large datafeeds that can be exported in the tab delimited format.

Tip: Please see our blog entry on how to handle large datafeeds.

Datafeeds are generally updated once per week and we strongly recommend to update the data on your site at least twice per month. Our items are constantly changing and the risk of offering sold books or books with old prices increases when updating only sporadically.

For the datafeeds we would like to ask you to contact us directly. We will be pleased to answer your questions and to send you the login information for our datafeeds.