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Every employee makes a difference

AbeBooks is committed to being a diverse and socially responsible company that provides a positive and empowering work environment for its employees. This is not just corporate jargon. We welcome everyone. We try to make a difference and break down barriers. We consider the environment, we believe that learning is lifelong, and we want to have fun. The magic ingredient is our staff, and they are empowered and encouraged to help customers, sellers, colleagues, and people in need. Trust is at the heart of our ecommerce business, and we trust our employees to get the job done, speak up on matters that are important to them, and enjoy themselves. Since we started in 1996, our culture has been the driving force behind this company.

Diversity and inclusion

Every day we strive to become more diverse and inclusive across all areas of our business - customers, sellers, ourselves, and everyone who engages with us. We do the right thing and not just the easiest thing. We accept that we have a long way to go. From the recruitment process to our office facilities and the challenges of daily work, we identify barriers and remove them. Our flexible working culture means employees can fit work around family commitments and the important things in life.


For years, we have helped customers with mobility issues or lacking access to bookstores to find and buy books. AbeBooks has also provided large print books to readers who are visually impaired. Our ultimate goal is to make our business easily accessible to all employees and customers regardless of ability. Beginning with staff education, we wish to take everyone into account and give people with disabilities a rich and complete experience. Friction-free shopping should be available to all.

Environmental sustainability

AbeBooks is dedicated to helping books, art and collectibles find new homes. We also try to make a difference in our two offices in order to protect the environment. We provide facilities for cyclists, and offer extensive services for recycling, and composting. Most of our day-to-day business activities are paperless.

Helping others

Giving back is something we value. Each November, AbeBooks stages a week of employee-led events where funds are raised for good causes that are close to our hearts. Ad hoc fundraising is welcome anytime and can be led by any employee. Charities and non-profit organizations - from the food bank to homeless shelters - have been supported over the years along with numerous book-related and literacy events.

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