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Ilford, United Kingdom

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Terms of Sale

Direct payment is acceptable by Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit Card payments, Diners Club, Discover Cards and Maestro Debit Cards, Direct Bank Transfer or Sterling Cheques in advance. All items may be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund provided their condition is unaltered.
Brian Ameringen Sole Trader trading as:
Porcupine Books
37, Coventry Road,
Ilford, Essex IG1 4QR, U. K.
020 8554 3799

Shipping Terms

Shipping costs are based on a 1Kg (2.2 lb) parcel. Lighter items cost less, heavier ones cost more to send. Actual despatch cost is charged unless the ABE charge is within 1. There is no additional packing cost. Please indicate if Insurance is required. Most books are packed carefully and despatched within 24 hours.