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Bern, Switzerland

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Terms of Sale

The Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

Sales and Contractual Partner is:
Peter Lang AG
International Academic Publishers
Moosstrasse 1

CH- 2542 Pieterlen


Tel: +41 32 376 17 17
Fax: +41 32 376 17 27

Place of Jurisdiction: Bern, Switzerland

VAT No. (CH): CHE-105.847.607


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Shipping Terms

Packing and shipping:
The packing and shipping costs are payable by the client. The price depends on the delivered country, on the number of books ordered, and on the chosen shipping mode (economy or priority). The books are delivered from Switzerland.

Die Höhe der Versandkosten ist vom Land der Lieferadresse, von der Anzahl bestellten Bücher und vom Versandweg (Normal oder Priority) abhängig. Die Lieferung erfolgt aus der Schweiz.

Frais de port et d'emballage:
Les frais de port et d'emballage dépendent de la destination, du nombre de livres, ainsi que du mode d'expédition choisi. Les articles seront envoyés de Suisse.