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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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For SHIPPING See SHIPPING TERMS BOX. Books ship Monday and Thursday. Orders must be received previous day.
All prices in American Dollars. Price includes taxes and handling.
CREDIT CARD transactions handled by Advanced Book Exchange. Click sign on to set up an account. My Bank places and handling charge of 15.00 on Checks and money orders. 10$ for American checks and money orders.
Steven L. Jones
1552 East 12th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5N2A3

Shipping Terms

Orders must be received Sunday or Tuesday or Thursday by 5:45pm Pacific Standard time to be shipped the next day. Shipping time includes all days up to day of shipping. I will not charge extra for over sized heavy books to USA (Media Mail only). UNITED STATES Priority Post Envelope flat rate of 6.53 up too 4lbs. 2-7 days Media mail is 5.67 \INTERNATIONAL US20.00 For Global Priority Envelope. 4-8 days from day of shipping. \Canada shipping is dependent on postal code and will adjusted from the default 15.00 stated. Cheaper closer to Vancouver. // SHIPPING INCLUDES CARDBOARD on all four sides and placed in envelope. Weight includes packaging and is approximate.