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From award winners and bestsellers to debut novels, discover our top 30 picks for the best fiction and nonfiction books of 2021. Did your favourite make the cut?
Jessica Doyle
In this list of the best dystopian novels, extreme cosmetic surgery is enforced, America breaks into a second Civil War, and animals rebel. Prepare to be disturbed, and utterly enthralled.
Jessica Doyle
This curated list covers the gamut of non-fiction, from compelling war stories to key feminist texts, to unbelievable struggles for survival, to tales of life in the culinary trade.
16 June, 2021
Giving used books new life is what we do best. The choice of used books is massive - from classic novels to cookbooks, children's books, and so much more.
30 June, 2021
Millions of books & collectables are offered for sale online by bookstores and booksellers on AbeBooks, and many of them are available with free postage.
11 June, 2021
Trusted independent sellers from around the world offer for sale curated rare books, first editions and collectible signed copies of your favourite book.
The 2021 Booker Prize has been awarded to South African writer Damon Galgut for his epic family drama, The Promise. A three-time Booker finalist, this is Galgut's first Booker win. Find your copy of the The Promise and browse past winners dating all the way back to the prize’s inaugural year in 1969.
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AbeBooks regularly publishes fascinating features about a huge variety of bookish subjects, publishers, and interesting characters in literature and notable anniversaries.
By Jessica Doyle
29 November, 2021
In these 20 must-read Greek mythology books, classic Greek myths are reimagined and retold by the likes of Margaret Atwood, Madeline Miller, Stephen Fry, Ali Smith, Colm Tóibín and more. From Achilles and Odysseus to Penelope, Helen and Paris, these are the stories of gods, goddesses, and mortals as you've never heard them before.
1 Min Read
26 November, 2021
Books published by Black authors between 1850 and 1930 are rarely referenced in recommended reading lists and appear largely forgotten. Our list of 25 forgotten books by African American authors includes novels, memoirs, autobiographies, short stories and essays, poetry, and investigative journalism.
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10 November, 2021
This selection of top books about leadership was carefully chosen from bestseller lists, Forbes, and even from the recommendations of Bill Gates and Barack Obama.
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10 November, 2021
From the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to the football fields of Odessa, Texas to the summit of Mt. Everest, here are 10 incredible stories detailing the greatest sports moments in history.
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10 November, 2021
The mythical, the magical, and the magnificent! Fairy tales are some of our earliest stories and for centuries, children and adults alike have pored over the tales of princes and princesses, beasts and fairies.
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20 October, 2021
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time high fantasy series is epic in more ways than one. There are 14 novels where Jordan creates an imaginary magical world in immense detail and introduces thousands of good and evil characters.
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19 October, 2021
Considered the most prestigious literary award in science fiction, the Hugo Award is awarded annually to the best science fiction or fantasy book from the previous year. Explore our list of every Hugo Award winner for best science fiction and fantasy novel dating back to 1953.
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04 October, 2021
Since 1996, the Women's Prize for Fiction has recognized and celebrated the best female writers around the world. Discover award-winning books from the likes of Zadie Smith, Carol Shields, Ali Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and more.
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By Richard Davies
20 September, 2021
“He who controls the spice controls the universe.” The Dune universe began in 1965 when Frank Herbert published Dune and changed the science fiction genre forever. This bestselling novel won the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1965 and the 1966 Hugo Award, and launched an epic series.
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