Positive Selfishness, The Virtue and Power of Self Interest

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9780940683518: Positive Selfishness, The Virtue and Power of Self Interest

Your positive ideas and desires, when heeded, are the natural pathway to the achievement of contentment and well-being. This book, Positive Selfishness, helps you discover and enhance your self-confidence and act in your own interests.

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From the Publisher:

Throughout Positive Selfishness you will find techniques that help you discover and enhance the personal power emanating from your Inner Self. The section Self-Empowerment brings you to an awareness of your power and ability to reach goals by pursuing your positive self-interests. It reveals the opportunity of creating, through a deep understanding of your self, a life the way you want it to be. It opens your awareness to the fact that your needs, desires, and goals are absolutely vital to your happiness and well-being, and it helps you use that knowledge for self-empowerment.

Practicing Positive Selfishness. This section helps you to focus your energy to build an enjoyable and successful place for yourself in the world. It demonstrates that making wise choices based on the wealth of knowledge available from your Inner Self helps you achieve not only loving relationships, but also emotional, physical, and financial success. The Self and The World section shows you how to use positive selfishness to create happiness and success and please others. It also teaches you to recognize and let go of situations and relationships that may be harmful to you. Furthermore, it demonstrates that releasing the mental blockages of limiting beliefs and attitudes will free you to realize the full potential of your magnificent Inner Self.

Throughout Positive Selfishness you encounter a word that you probably associate with negative qualities and actions: selfish. As a child you may have been told by adults not to be selfish, not to hoard, not to be greedy, or not to think only of yourself. Fundamentally, to be selfish means to act in a way which benefits you and only you, and not to think or care about how your actions may affect others. Certainly, this is not a positive characteristic.

This does not, however, mean that it is wrong to care about yourself or that you should care only about others. If you do not act for yourself, or seek out and embrace those things which bring you success and happiness, you cannot possibly have a positive effect on others.

The book Positive Selfishness makes possible changes in your life which are primarily good for you. In many ways, positive selfishness is just the opposite of what you have come to think of as selfish. When you act decisively to bring yourself happiness and success, you will see that other people are more likely to feel comfortable and secure in a relationship with you

You may feel skeptical that there is a way for you to act "selfishly" and still have a positive effect on both yourself and others. As you read this book, however, you will find that the personal stories and exercises presented here serve as powerful examples of the benefits of acting in your own self-interest.

You can make your life more fulfilling and satisfying by paying attention to your own significant desires, goals, and needs. This book teaches you to make choices that will strengthen your positive feelings about yourself, your ambitions, and your relationships. Most importantly, it will help you discover your personal power and teach you to use that discovery to create success, happiness, and love in your life.

From the Author:

In the book, Positive Selfishness, I argue that our society's standard perception of selfishness obstructs our self-actualization as individuals, slowing our emotional and spiritual development in much the same way that smoking stunts physical growth. By teaching us to view our personal desires as negative or unworthy, this societal bias against the self leads us to ignore our own needs and priorities. It subjugates our personal well-being to the well-being of others. One of the questions this book addresses is: "How can we help others if we can not adequately help ourselves?"

In the book Positive Selfishness, I challenge the traditional meaning of selfishness. I propose a new definition based on love of self and concern for our own well-being. This new definition is the foundation for my philosophy of Enlightened Self-Interest. This philosophy points us toward a radically different view of our relationship with the world. Instead of accepting the standard perception of self-interest as a divisive force that alienates and isolates humanity from itself, I demonstrate - through a powerful new vision of the interconnectedness of things - how Enlightened Self-Interest creates a happier, more harmonious and more comfortable world for all of us.

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