Introductory DC/Ac Circuits

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Introductory DC/Ac Circuits

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9780130310842: Introductory DC/Ac Circuits

For use in DC/AC courses and may also be appropriate for Devices (electronics) courses.This text covers topics from basic electricity, direct current and alternating current circuits, through semiconductor devices and op amps. It builds upon the highly praised "practical learning approach" with: simulation circuits, circuit analysis tables, protoboard pictorials, historical success stories, guided examples, actual circuit applications, device testing, circuit troubleshooting, performance based objectives, quick-references summary sheets, integrated mini-math sections, and much more, making all of the topics student friendly. This fine-tuned, carefully tested and accuracy checked volume meets the needs of those beginning their training or expanding their career skills in electronics today.

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From the Back Cover:

This time-honored text, now in its fifth edition, continues to offer comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of DC/AC electronics in a style that is both easy to read and easy to understand. Appropriate for use in any DC/AC Circuits course and for some Electronic Devices courses, it provides the solid foundation so necessary for a clear understanding of the field of electronics as a whole.

This finely-tuned, carefully tested, and accuracy checked volume is organized into three sections:

  • Part I: The Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Part II: Direct-Current Electronics
  • Part III: Alternating-Current Electronics

Having written 12 textbooks and 20 editions, and with 17 years of front-line education experience, best-selling author Nigel Cook has produced yet another outstanding text in this fifth edition, once again making the world of electronics come vividly alive. The reader will quickly be put at ease by the student-friendly writing style and the author's ability to make traditionally difficult topics easily accessible.

Introductory DC/AC Circuits, Fifth Edition, is accompanied by a full ancillary package, including:

  • Electronics Workbench/MultiSim circuit data files packaged with each copy of this text
  • Laboratory Manual (ISBN 0-13-034031-6)
  • Solutions Manual to accompany Laboratory Manual (ISBN 0-13-034032-4)
  • Practical Circuit Applications in DC/AC Electronics, with Study Wizard CD-ROM (ISBN 0-13-031084-0)
  • Instructor's Answer Key to Practical Circuit Applications in DC/AC Electronics (ISBN 0-13-060108-X)
  • Instructor's Solutions Manual (ISBN 0-13-034020-0)
  • PowerPoint™ Transparencies (ISBN 0-13-034038-3)
  • Test Item File (ISBN 0-13-034033-2)
  • PH Test Manager (ISBN 0-13-034037-5)
  • Companion Website: http//

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:



The early pioneers in electronics were intrigued by the mystery and wonder of a newly discovered science, whereas people today are attracted by its ability to lend its hand to any application and accomplish almost anything imaginable. If you analyze exactly how you feel at this stage, you will probably discover that you have mixed emotions about the journey ahead. On one hand, imagination, curiosity, and excitement are driving you on, while apprehension and reservations may be slowing you down. Your enthusiasm will overcome any indecision you have once you become actively involved in electronics and realize that it is as exciting as you ever expected it to be.


This textbook has been divided into three basic parts. Chapters 1 through 3 introduce you to the world of electronics and the fundamentals of electricity. Chapters 4 through 7 cover direct current, or dc, circuits; Chapters 8 through 14 cover alternating current, or ac, circuits.

· Introduction to Electronics

Part I: The Fundamentals of Electricity
· Chapter 1: Voltage and Current
· Chapter 2: Resistance and Power
· Chapter 3: Resistors

Part II: Direct-Current Electronics
· Chapter 4: Direct Current (DC)
· Chapter 5: Series DC Circuits
· Chapter 6: Parallel DC Circuits
· Chapter 7: Series-Parallel DC Circuits

Part III: Alternating-Current Electronics
· Chapter 8: Alternating Current (AC)
· Chapter 9: Capacitance and Capacitors
· Chapter 10: Capacitive Circuits, Testing, and Applications
· Chapter 11: Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
· Chapter 12: Inductance and Inductors
· Chapter 13: Transformers
· Chapter 14: Resistive, Inductive, and Capacitive (RLC) Circuits

The material covered in this book has been logically divided and sequenced to provide a gradual progression from the known to the unknown, and from the simple to the complex.


The following ancillaries accompanying this text provide extensive opportunity for further study and support:

  • Electronics Workbench/MultiSim CD-ROM. Packaged with each copy of this text, the CD-ROM contains over 100 circuits from the text, created in both Electronics Workbench Version 5 and Electronics Workbench MultiSim Version 6. Forty (40) of these circuits can be simulated in the free demonstration version of MultiSim. The remaining circuits require that the user have the Electronics Workbench software, as this software is not included. Electronics Workbench software can be obtained by contacting your local bookstore, or by visiting
  • Laboratory Manual. Co-authored by Nigel Cook and Gary Lancaster, the lab manual offers numerous experiments designed to translate all of the textbook's theory into practical experimentation.
  • Practical Circuit Applications in DC/AC Electronics, with Study Wizard CD-ROM, by Bradley Thompson. This important study guide lends additional support, including a math review and many practical circuit applications.
  • Companion Website, located at Numerous interactive study questions are provided on this site to reinforce the concepts covered in the book.

To complete the ancillary package, the following supplements are essential elements for any instructor using this text for a course:

  • Instructor's Solutions Manual
  • Solutions Manual to Accompany Laboratory Manual
  • Instructor's Answer Key to Practical Circuit Applications in DC/AC Electronics
  • PowerPoint™ Transparencies. This CD-ROM includes a full set of lecture presentations as well as transparencies for all schematics appearing in the text.
  • Test Item File
  • PH Custom Test Manager


In the back of this book is a CD-ROM containing the circuit simulation software Electronics Workbench© (EWB). Using the demo on this CD, you can simulate forty circuits taken directly from this text. The EWB icon shown here in the margin indicates which circuits in this text have been prebuilt and stored on the CD, ready for simulation.


The first phase of development for this manuscript was conducted in the classroom with students and instructors as critics. Each topic was class-tested by videotaping each lesson, and the results were then evaluated and implemented. This invaluable feedback enabled me to fine-tune my presentation of topics and instill understanding and confidence in the students.

The second phase of development was to forward a copy of the revised manuscript to several instructors at schools throughout the country. Their technical and topical critiques helped to mold the text into a more accurate form.

The third and final phase was to class-test the final revised manuscript and then commission the last technical review in the final stages of production.


My appreciation and thanks are extended to the following instructors who have reviewed and contributed greatly to the development of this textbook: Venkata Anadu, Southwest Texas State University; Don Barrett, Jr., DeVry Institute of Technology; Lynnette Garetz, Heald College; Joe Gryniuk, Lake Washington Technical College; Jerry M. Manno, DeVry Institute of Technology; George Sweiss, ITT Technical Institute; and Bradley J. Thompson, State University of New York College of Technology at Alfred.

Nigel P. Cook

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