No More Masks: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Women Poets

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9780060965174: No More Masks: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Women Poets

A revised and expanded edition of the classic groundbreaking anthology of 20th-century American women's poetry, representing more than 100 poets from Amy Lowell to Anne Sexton to Rita Dove.

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Eve The Fox by Paula Gunn Allen
Los Angeles, 1980 by Paula Gunn Allen
Night Vision by Paula Gunn Allen
Bitter Herbs by Alta [pseud.]
Euch, Are You Having Your Period? by Alta [pseud.]
Euridice by Alta [pseud.]
First Pregnancy by Alta [pseud.]
Penus Envy by Alta [pseud.]
Theme & Variations, Sels. by Alta [pseud.]
The Man With The Saxophone by Florence Anthony
She Didn't Even Wave by Florence Anthony
For Barbara, Who Said She Couldn't Visualize Two Women... by Ellen Bass
I Didn't Know by Ellen Bass
In Celebration by Ellen Bass
Tampons by Ellen Bass
Vaginas Of Women by Ellen Bass
Betrothed by Louise Bogan
The Crows by Louise Bogan
Masked Woman's Song by Louise Bogan
Medusa by Louise Bogan
Women by Louise Bogan
A Communication To Nancy Cunard by Kay Boyle
For James Baldwin by Kay Boyle
For Marianne Moore's Birthday by Kay Boyle
The Invitation In It, Fr. American Citizen by Kay Boyle
A Poem For February First 1975 by Kay Boyle
A Poem On Getting Up Early In The Morning (or Even Late ... by Kay Boyle
Jessie Mitchell's Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks
To Those Of My Sisters Who Kept Their Naturals by Gwendolyn Brooks
Eye Of Heart by Olga Broumas
Touched by Olga Broumas
Beneath The Shadow Of The Freeway by Lorna Dee Cervantes
Poem For The Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, An Intelligent ... by Lorna Dee Cervantes
Amherst by Amy Clampitt
The Burning Child by Amy Clampitt
Medusa by Amy Clampitt
Written In Water by Amy Clampitt
Hair: A Narrative by Cheryl Clarke
Wearing My Cap Backwards by Cheryl Clarke
The Coming Of Kali by Lucille Clifton
Miss Rosie by Lucille Clifton
There Is A Girl Inside by Lucille Clifton
The Thirty-eighth Year by Lucille Clifton
To My Friend, Jerina by Lucille Clifton
Turning by Lucille Clifton
The Way It Was by Lucille Clifton
When They Ask You %why Is Your Mama So Funny by Lucille Clifton
Wishes For Sons by Lucille Clifton
Dear Mama (2) by Wanda Coleman
Women Of My Color by Wanda Coleman
Hotel De Dream by Jane Cooper
The Knowledge That Comes Through Experience by Jane Cooper
Waiting by Jane Cooper
Emily Dickinson by Lucha Corpi
Winter Song by Lucha Corpi
Rape by Jayne Cortez
Stockpiling by Jayne Cortez
The Feeding by Toi Derricotte
On The Turning Up Of Unidentified Black Female Corpses by Toi Derricotte
Poem For My Father by Toi Derricotte
April Fool Birthday Poem For Grandpa by Diane Di Prima
Narrow Path Into The Back Country by Diane Di Prima
Poem In Praise Of My Husband (taos) by Diane Di Prima
The Quarrel by Diane Di Prima
Making Samosas by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Visit by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Eurydice by Hilda Doolittle
Helen by Hilda Doolittle
Sheltered Garden by Hilda Doolittle
Father by Sharon Lura Edens Doubiago
From The Waitress Papers by Sharon Lura Edens Doubiago
Self by Sharon Lura Edens Doubiago
After Reading Mickey In The Night Kitchen For The Third Time by Rita Dove
Arrow by Rita Dove
The Great Palaces Of Versailles by Rita Dove
I Sit And Sew by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-nelson
The Proletariat Speaks by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-nelson
To Madame Curie by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-nelson
Burning The Tomato Worms by Carolyn Forche
The Island by Carolyn Forche
I Stop Writing The Poem by Tess Gallagher
Instructions To The Double by Tess Gallagher
On Your Own by Tess Gallagher
Spacious Encounter by Tess Gallagher
On The Legends Of A Dancer by Jean Garrigue
Upon The Intimation Of Love's Mortality by Jean Garrigue
Written In London After A Protest Parade by Jean Garrigue
Adulthood by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Legacies by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Seduction by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Brown Circle by Louise Gluck
Mythic Fragment by Louise Gluck
Pomegranate by Louise Gluck
In The Ocean by Patricia Goedicke
In The Waiting Room by Patricia Goedicke
Lucky (on June 21, 1976) by Patricia Goedicke
Without Looking by Patricia Goedicke
From The New World by Jorie Graham
The Way Things Work by Jorie Graham
The Common Woman: 2. Ella, In A Square Apron, Along Hwy 80 by Judy Grahn
Hannah, Fr. Helen You Always Were/the Factory by Judy Grahn
My Name Is Judith by Judy Grahn
An Answer To A Man's Question, '.. About Women's Liberation' by Susan Griffin
I Like To Think Of Harriet Tubman by Susan Griffin
Song by Susan Griffin
Sunday Morning by Susan Griffin
At April by Angelina Weld Grimke
Caprichosa by Angelina Weld Grimke
The Garden Seat by Angelina Weld Grimke
Ballad Of Ladies Lost And Found by Marilyn Hacker
Mother 2 by Marilyn Hacker
The Muses by Marilyn Hacker
Nearly A Valediction by Marilyn Hacker
Sonnet For Iva by Marilyn Hacker
Pass It On, 2 by Rachel Hadas
Yes, But by Rachel Hadas
For A Broken Needle by Hazel Hall
Instruction by Hazel Hall
Walkers At Dusk by Hazel Hall
Against Dark's Harm by Anne Halley
Housewife's Letter: To Mary by Anne Halley
I'd Rather See Than Be One, But by Anne Halley
Anchorage by Joy Harjo
The Book Of Myths by Joy Harjo
Daybreak by Linda Hogan
Friday Night by Linda Hogan
The Truth Is by Linda Hogan
Absolving You by Colette Inez
Warrior Daughters by Colette Inez
The Woman Who Loved Worms by Colette Inez
Food by Josephine Jacobsen
The Motion by Josephine Jacobsen
The Sisters by Josephine Jacobsen
When The Five Prominent Poets by Josephine Jacobsen
The Heart Of A Woman by Georgia Douglas Johnson
Old Black Men by Georgia Douglas Johnson
When I Am Dead by Georgia Douglas Johnson
Case In Point by June Jordan
The Female And The Silence Of A Man by June Jordan
If You Saw A Negro Lady by June Jordan
In Memoriam Poem For Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer by June Jordan
Poem About My Rights by June Jordan
What Would I Do White? by June Jordan
Apples by Shirley Kaufman
Deja Vu by Shirley Kaufman
Mothers, Daughters by Shirley Kaufman
Notes To My Daughters by Shirley Kaufman
Bitch by Carolyn Kizer
Daughter-my-mother by Carolyn Kizer
Hera, Hung From The Sky by Carolyn Kizer
Pro Femina: One by Carolyn Kizer
Pro Femina: Three by Carolyn Kizer
Pro Femina: Two by Carolyn Kizer
About My Father by Irena Klepfisz
My Mother's Sabbath Days by Irena Klepfisz
Perspectives On The Second World War by Irena Klepfisz
After Love by Maxine W. Kumin
The Chain by Maxine W. Kumin
Credo by Maxine W. Kumin
Louise Bourgeois Exhibit by Maxine W. Kumin
The Rendezvous by Maxine W. Kumin
A Voice From The Roses by Maxine W. Kumin
An Embroidery: 1 by Denise Levertov
Hypocrite Women by Denise Levertov
In Mind by Denise Levertov
Life At War by Denise Levertov
The Long Way Round by Denise Levertov
Stepping Westward by Denise Levertov
To The Snake by Denise Levertov
A Woman Alone by Denise Levertov
Hanging Fire by Audre Lorde
Sisters In Arms by Audre Lorde
The Woman Thing by Audre Lorde
Autumn by Amy Lowell
The Garden By Moonlight by Amy Lowell
Interlude by Amy Lowell
The Sisters by Amy Lowell
Inheritance by Cynthia Macdonald
Instruction From Bly by Cynthia Macdonald
Objets D'art by Cynthia Macdonald
A Castle In Lynn by Linda Mccarriston
Hotel Nights With My Mother by Linda Mccarriston
Revision by Linda Mccarriston
Foul Line--1987 by Colleen Johnson Mcelroy
Gra'ma by Colleen Johnson Mcelroy
In My Mother's Room by Colleen Johnson Mcelroy
Queen Of The Ebony Isles by Colleen Johnson Mcelroy
This Is The Poem I Never Meant To Write by Colleen Johnson Mcelroy
The 5:32 by Phyllis Mcginley
Why, Some Of My Best Friends Are Women by Phyllis Mcginley
At The Grave Of Hazel Hall by Sandra Jean Mcpherson
For Elizabeth Bishop by Sandra Jean Mcpherson
Pregnancy by Sandra Jean Mcpherson
Gift For My Mother's 90th Birthday by Maude Meehan
Is There Life After Feminism by Maude Meehan
An Ancient Gesture by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Menses by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Rendezvous by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sonnet: 62. Sonnets From An Ungrafted Tree: 17 by Edna St. Vincent Millay
A Mourning by Vassar Miller
On Approaching My Birthday by Vassar Miller
Prayer To My Muse by Vassar Miller
Spinster's Lullaby by Vassar Miller
Subterfuge by Vassar Miller
Trimming The Sails by Vassar Miller
Breaking Tradition; For My Daughter by Janice Mirikitani
Soul Food by Janice Mirikitani
Marriage by Marianne Moore
O To Be A Dragon by Marianne Moore
For The Color Of My Mother by Cherrie Moraga
Loving In The War Years by Cherrie Moraga
Damn You, Lady by Robin Morgan
Heirloom by Robin Morgan
The Invisible Woman by Robin Morgan
The Party To Which Wolves Are Invited by Thylias Moss
There Will Be Animals by Thylias Moss
The House On Moscow Street by Marilyn Nelson
Levitation With Baby by Marilyn Nelson
A Strange Beautiful Woman by Marilyn Nelson
I Married by Lorine Niedecker
In The Great Snowfall Before The Bomb by Lorine Niedecker
Margaret Fuller by Lorine Niedecker
Nursery Rhyme by Lorine Niedecker
Poet's Work by Lorine Niedecker
So He Said by Lorine Niedecker
Blood by Naomi Shihab Nye
Hugging The Jukebox by Naomi Shihab Nye
First Sex by Sharon Olds
The Girl by Sharon Olds
The Language Of The Brag by Sharon Olds
Pajamas by Sharon Olds
Solitary by Sharon Olds
That Year by Sharon Olds
What If God by Sharon Olds
The Exchange by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Propaganda Poem: Maybe For Some Young Mamas by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
In Aix by Grace Paley
On Mother's Day by Grace Paley
The Women In Vietnam by Grace Paley
For Willyce by Patricia Parker
Love Isn't by Patricia Parker
There Is A Woman In This Town by Patricia Parker
After Reading Nelly Sachs by Linda Pastan
Duet For One Voice by Linda Pastan
Notes From The Delivery Room by Linda Pastan
Passover by Linda Pastan
Our Room by Molly Peacock
Smell by Molly Peacock
So, When I Swim To The Shore by Molly Peacock
The Book Of Ruth And Naomi by Marge Piercy
The Friend by Marge Piercy
Homage To Lucille, Dr. Lord-heinstein by Marge Piercy
Noon Of The Sunbather by Marge Piercy
Something To Look Forward To by Marge Piercy
The Woman In The by Marge Piercy
Candles by Sylvia Plath
Daddy by Sylvia Plath
The Disquieting Muses by Sylvia Plath
Wintering by Sylvia Plath
Among Women by Marie Ponsot
Love Is Not Love by Marie Ponsot
Residual Paralysis by Marie Ponsot
Motionless On The Dark Side Of The Light by Minnie Bruce Pratt
Poem For My Sons by Minnie Bruce Pratt
Recipes by Julia Randall
To William Wordsworth From Virginia by Julia Randall
A Valediction by Julia Randall
Housing Shortage by Naomi Replansky
I Met My Solitude by Naomi Replansky
Two Women by Naomi Replansky
An Atlas Of The Difficult World: 13 (dedications) by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Final Notations by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Frame by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Hunger by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Snapshots Of A Daughter-in-law by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Twenty-one Love Poems: The Floating Poem, Unnumbered by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Women by Adrienne Cecile Rich
Amy Lowell by Lola Ridge
The Dream by Lola Ridge
The Ghetto, Sels. by Lola Ridge
Feminism by Carolyn M. Rodgers
Some Me Of Beauty by Carolyn M. Rodgers
U Name This One by Carolyn M. Rodgers
The Conjugation Of The Paramecium by Muriel Rukeyser
Despisals by Muriel Rukeyser
For Every Human Freedom, Suffering To Be Free, %daring To Live For The by Muriel Rukeyser
For Kay Boyle by Muriel Rukeyser
Kathe Kollwitz by Muriel Rukeyser
More Of A Corpse Than A Woman by Muriel Rukeyser
Night Feeding by Muriel Rukeyser
The Poem As Mask by Muriel Rukeyser
Poem Out Of Childhood by Muriel Rukeyser
Resurrection Of The Right Side by Muriel Rukeyser
Chernobyl by Mary Jo Salter
Emily Wants To Play by Mary Jo Salter
Welcome To Hiroshima by Mary Jo Salter
Poem At Thirty by Sonia Sanchez
A Poem For My Brother by Sonia Sanchez
A Poem For My Most Intelligent 10:30 Am Class/fall 1985 by Sonia Sanchez
The Abortion by Anne Sexton
Consorting With Angels by Anne Sexton
For My Lover, Returning To His Wife by Anne Sexton
Housewife by Anne Sexton
Advice by Ntozake Shange
Its Happenin/but You Dont Know Abt It by Ntozake Shange
1975 by Anne Spencer
Creed by Anne Spencer
Lady, Lady by Anne Spencer
Letter To My Sister by Anne Spencer
Patriarchal Poetry, Sels. by Gertrude Stein
Poem For A Daughter by Anne Stevenson
The Suburb by Anne Stevenson
Advice by Ruth Stone
Father's Day by Ruth Stone
How To Catch Aunt Harriette by Ruth Stone
In An Iridescent Time by Ruth Sto...

From Publishers Weekly:

Although this pioneering anthology of 20th-century American poetry by women was first published in 1973 to some hostile response, it came to be appreciated as a rich repository of poems by and for women concerned with their changing identities. Twenty years later, Howe's greatly enlarged and wholly updated version reflects the expansion of women's poetic expression, and affirms their insistence on broadening their roles as workers, activists, lovers, mothers, daughters, writers, and more. Not only are there more poets (104, not 87) in the revised edition, but the selection of new and rediscovered poets attests to an enlarged poetic culture that now includes women of color, Native Americans, lesbians and the working class. Themes critical to the 1973 version remain, especially the issue of how women writers survive in a still-patriarchal society, but the updated version showcases more women as social activists, as well as poets who war against traditional feminine roles. Distinctly new themes--some formerly taboo--glitter in poems that address male violence against women and the triad of rape, incest and wife-battering. Splendidly edited and Juno-esque in stature, this new literary "daughter" will be an invaluable anthology for teachers, feminists, scholars and other readers. Howe is director of the Feminist Press.
Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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