The Poetry of Black America: Anthology of the 20th Century

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9780060200893: The Poetry of Black America: Anthology of the 20th Century

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About the Author:

Arnold Adoff has written over twenty-five books of poetry for young readers, including Slow Dance Heartbreak Blues, illustrated by William Cotton; and Street Music: City Poems, illustrated by Karen Barbour, both of which are available at your local library. He is the author of Malcolm X, illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez, and has also edited The Poetry of Black America. He has received the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, and his trademark "shaped speech" writing style and his rhythmic poems have made him one of the most renowned children's poets of our time.

Mr. Adoff and his wife, celebrated author Virginia Hamilton, live in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


Be Daedalus by Nanina Alba
For Malcolm X by Nanina Alba
Dream Song by Lewis Alexander
Enchantment: Medicine Dance by Lewis Alexander
Enchantment: Night by Lewis Alexander
Negro Woman by Lewis Alexander
Nocturne Varial by Lewis Alexander
Dylan, Who Is Dead by Samuel Allen
If The Stars Should Fall by Samuel Allen
A Moment Please by Samuel Allen
The Staircase by Samuel Allen
To Satch by Samuel Allen
Positives by Johari Amini
Signals by Johari Amini
To A Poet I Knew by Johari Amini
Junglegrave by S. E. Anderson
The Sound Of Afroamerican History Chapt 1 by S. E. Anderson
The Sound Of Afroamerican History Chapt 1 by S. E. Anderson
It's Here In The by Russell Atkins
Narrative by Russell Atkins
Night And A Distant Church by Russell Atkins
On The Fine Arts Garden, Cleveland by Russell Atkins
Bumi by Amiri Baraka
Each Morning by Amiri Baraka
A Guerrilla Handbook by Amiri Baraka
The Invention Of Comics by Amiri Baraka
Legacy (for Blues People) by Amiri Baraka
Leroy by Amiri Baraka
Letter To E. Franklin Frazier by Amiri Baraka
A Poem For Black Hearts by Amiri Baraka
Preface To A Twenty Volume Suicide Note by Amiri Baraka
Sos by Amiri Baraka
Study Peace by Amiri Baraka
W.w. by Amiri Baraka
Way Out West; For Gary Snyder by Amiri Baraka
We Own The Night by Amiri Baraka
Black Narcissus by Gerald William Barrax
Efficiency Apartment by Gerald William Barrax
For Malcolm: After Mecca by Gerald William Barrax
Fourth Dance Poem by Gerald William Barrax
To A Woman Who Wants Darkness And Time by Gerald William Barrax
Your Eyes Have Their Silence by Gerald William Barrax
Hatred by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
Heritage by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
Sonnet: 1 by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
Sonnet: 2 by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
To A Dark Girl by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
And Was Not Improved by Lerone, Jr. Bennett
Blues And Bitterness by Lerone, Jr. Bennett
Blue Tanganyika by Lebert Bethune
Bwagamoyo by Lebert Bethune
Harlem Freeze Frame by Lebert Bethune
A Juju Of My Own by Lebert Bethune
A Black Man Talks Of Reaping by Arna Bontemps
Close Your Eyes! by Arna Bontemps
The Day-breakers by Arna Bontemps
The Return by Arna Bontemps
Southern Mansion by Arna Bontemps
Golden Moonrise by William Stanley Braithwaite
In A Grave-yard by William Stanley Braithwaite
To by William Stanley Braithwaite
The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Blackstone Rangers: 1. As Seen By Disciplines by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Blackstone Rangers: 2. The Leaders by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Blackstone Rangers: 3. Gang Girls; A Rangerette by Gwendolyn Brooks
Bronzeville Man With A Belt In The Back by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Chicago Defender Sends A Man To Little Rock, Fall, 1957 by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Egg Boiler by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Last Quatrain Of The Ballad Of Emmett Till by Gwendolyn Brooks
Malcolm X by Gwendolyn Brooks
Martin Luther King Jr. by Gwendolyn Brooks
Medgar Evers by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Old-marrieds by Gwendolyn Brooks
Paul Robeson by Gwendolyn Brooks
Riot by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Second Sermon On The Warpland by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Sermon On The Warpland by Gwendolyn Brooks
A Song In The Front Yard by Gwendolyn Brooks
Strong Men, Riding Horses by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Wall by Gwendolyn Brooks
We Real Cool; The Pool Players. Seven At The Golden Shovel by Gwendolyn Brooks
After Winter by Sterling Allen Brown
Foreclosure by Sterling Allen Brown
Old Lem by Sterling Allen Brown
An Old Woman Remembers by Sterling Allen Brown
Remembering Nat Turner by Sterling Allen Brown
Sister Lou by Sterling Allen Brown
Southern Road by Sterling Allen Brown
Strange Legacies by Sterling Allen Brown
Strong Men by Sterling Allen Brown
Cathexis by F. J., Jr. Bryant
Determination by John Henrik Clarke
Sing Me A New Song by John Henrik Clarke
I'm Just A Stranger Here, Heaven Is My Home by Carole Gregory Clemmons
Love From My Father by Carole Gregory Clemmons
Migration by Carole Gregory Clemmons
Spring by Carole Gregory Clemmons
For Delawd by Lucille Clifton
Good Times by Lucille Clifton
Listen Children by Lucille Clifton
Miss Rosie by Lucille Clifton
My Mama Moved Among The Days by Lucille Clifton
Those Boys That Ran Together by Lucille Clifton
To Bobby Seale by Lucille Clifton
Containing Communism by Charlie Cobb
For Sammy Younge by Charlie Cobb
Nation by Charlie Cobb
To Vietnam by Charlie Cobb
He's Doing Natural Life by Conyus
San Francisco County Jail Cell B-6 by Conyus
Six Ten Sixty-nine by Conyus
Untitled Requiem For Tomorrow by Conyus
Upon Leaving The Parole Board Hearing by Conyus
Dreams by Charles Cooper
Honky by Charles Cooper
Rubin by Charles Cooper
Ali by Lloyd M., Jr. Corbin
Dedication To The Final Confrontation by Lloyd M., Jr. Corbin
A Black Man by Sam Cornish
Death Of Dr. King by Sam Cornish
Frederick Douglass by Sam Cornish
Montgomery by Sam Cornish
One Eyed Black Man In Nebraska by Sam Cornish
Panther by Sam Cornish
The River by Sam Cornish
To A Single Shadow Without Pity by Sam Cornish
For Real by Jayne Cortez
Initiation by Jayne Cortez
Lead by Jayne Cortez
And What Shall You Say? by Joseph Seamon, Jr. Cotter
Sonnet To Negro Soldiers by Joseph Seamon, Jr. Cotter
Albert Ayler: Eulogy For A Decomposed Saxophone Player by Stanley Crouch
Blackie Thinks Of His Brothers by Stanley Crouch
No New Music by Stanley Crouch
Riding Across John Lee's Finger by Stanley Crouch
Carmen by Victor Hernandez Cruz
The Electric Cop by Victor Hernandez Cruz
Energy by Victor Hernandez Cruz
Spirits by Victor Hernandez Cruz
The Story Of The Zeros by Victor Hernandez Cruz
Black Majesty by Countee Cullen
Brown Boy To Brown Girl by Countee Cullen
Epitaph: For A Mouthy Woman by Countee Cullen
Epitaph: For John Keats, Apostle Of Beauty by Countee Cullen
Epitaph: For My Grandmother by Countee Cullen
Epitaph: For Paul Laurence Dunbar by Countee Cullen
For A Lady I Know by Countee Cullen
From The Dark Tower by Countee Cullen
Heritage by Countee Cullen
In Memory Of Colonel Charles Young by Countee Cullen
Incident by Countee Cullen
Saturday's Child by Countee Cullen
Scottsboro, Too, Is Worth Its Song by Countee Cullen
Tableau by Countee Cullen
Yet Do I Marvel by Countee Cullen
Time To Die by Ray Garfield Dandridge
Zalka Peetruza by Ray Garfield Dandridge
Best Loved Of Africa by Margaret Danner
The Elevator Man Adheres To Form by Margaret Danner
Far From Africa: Dance Of The Abakweta by Margaret Danner
Far From Africa: Etta Moten's Attic by Margaret Danner
Far From Africa: Garnishing The Aviary by Margaret Danner
Far From Africa: The Visit Of The Professor Of Aesthetics by Margaret Danner
Sadie's Playhouse by Margaret Danner
Flowers Of Darkness by Frank Marshall Davis
Four Glimpses Of Night by Frank Marshall Davis
Giles Johnson, Ph.d by Frank Marshall Davis
I Sing No New Songs by Frank Marshall Davis
Robert Whitmore by Frank Marshall Davis
Snapshots Of The Cotton South by Frank Marshall Davis
Solace by Clarissa Scott Delany
I Break The Sky by Owen Dodson
Mary Passed This Morning by Owen Dodson
Poems For My Brother Kenneth, Vii by Owen Dodson
Sorrow Is The Only Faithful One by Owen Dodson
Yardbird's Skull by Owen Dodson
The Easter Bunny Blues Or All I Want For Xmas Is The Loop by Ebon Dooley
The Prophet's Warning Or Shoot To Kill by Ebon Dooley
Query by Ebon Dooley
The Song Of The Smoke by William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
Sonnet by Alfred A. Duckett
America by Henry Dumas
Black Star Line by Henry Dumas
Black Trumpeter by Henry Dumas
Buffalo by Henry Dumas
Knock On Wood by Henry Dumas
Frederick Douglass by Paul Laurence Dunbar
The Paradox by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Sympathy (2) by Paul Laurence Dunbar
We Wear The Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar
When Malindy Sings by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Sonnet by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-nelson
Award (a Gold Watch To The Fbi Man Who Has Followed Me) by Ray Durem
Friends by Ray Durem
I Know I'm Not Sufficiently Obscure by Ray Durem
Problem In Social Geometry--the Inverted Square! by Ray Durem
Vet's Rehabilitation by Ray Durem
Church Burning: Mississippi by James Andrew Emanuel
Emmett Till by James Andrew Emanuel
Get Up, Blues by James Andrew Emanuel
Old Black Men Say by James Andrew Emanuel
The Tree House by James Andrew Emanuel
Music by Ralph Waldo Emerson
And The Old Women Gathered (the Gospel Singers) by Mari E. Evans
Black Jam For Dr. Negro by Mari E. Evans
Into Blackness Softly by Mari E. Evans
The Rebel by Mari E. Evans
To Mother And Steve by Mari E. Evans
Vive Noir! by Mari E. Evans
Black Man's Feast by Sarah Webster Fabio
Evil Is No Black Thing by Sarah Webster Fabio
Oriflamme by Jessie Redmond Fauset
Alabama by Julia Fields
Poems: Birmingham 1962-1964, Birmingham by Julia Fields
Poems: Birmingham 1962-1964, Moths by Julia Fields
Lullaby For Ann-lucian by Calvin Forbes
Reading Walt Whitman by Calvin Forbes
Christmas Morning I by Carol Freeman
I Saw Them Lynch by Carol Freeman
Lost Moment by Hoyt W. Fuller
Seravezza by Hoyt W. Fuller
The Dead Man Dragged From The Sea by Carl Gardner
Reflections by Carl Gardner
For Angela by Zack Gilbert
For Stephen Dixon by Zack Gilbert
My Own Hallelujahs by Zack Gilbert
When I Heard Dat White Man Say by Zack Gilbert
12 Gates To The City by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Dreams by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Knoxville, Tennessee by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
My Poem by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Nikki-rosa by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Poem For Aretha by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Poem For Flora by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Poem Of Angela Yvonne Davis by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
The True Import Of Present Dialogue, Black Vs. Negro by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Word Poem (perhaps Worth Considering) by Yolande Cornelia Giovanni
Soul by D. L. Graham
Tony Get The Boys by D. L. Graham
The West Ridge Is Menthol-cool by D. L. Graham
Broken Heart, Broken Machine by Richard E. Grant
The Black Finger by Angelina Weld Grimke
Tenebris by Angelina Weld Grimke
A Winter Twilight by Angelina Weld Grimke
Your Hands by Angelina Weld Grimke
Barricades by Michael S. Harper
Blue Ruth: America by Michael S. Harper
Come Back Blues by Michael S. Harper
Deathwatch by Michael S. Harper
Effendi by Michael S. Harper
Here Where Coltrane Is by Michael S. Harper
Martin's Blues by Michael S. Harper
Newsletter From My Mother by Michael S. Harper
Photographs: A Vision Of Massacre by Michael S. Harper
For Bill Hawkins, A Black Militant by William J., Jr. Harris
A Grandfather Poem by William J., Jr. Harris
Practical Concerns by William J., Jr. Harris
We Live In A Cage by William J., Jr. Harris
Why Would I Want by William J., Jr. Harris
A Collage For Richard Davis-two Short Forms by De Leon Harrison
The Room by De Leon Harrison
The Seed Of Nimrod by De Leon Harrison
Some Days/out Walking Above by De Leon Harrison
Yellow by De Leon Harrison
The Death Of Justice by Walter Everette Hawkins
A Spade Is Just A Spade by Walter Everette Hawkins
Aunt Jemima Of The Ocean Waves by Robert Earl Hayden
Baha' U'llah In The Garden Of Ridwan by Robert Earl Hayden
A Ballad Of Remembrance by Robert Earl Hayden
El-hajj Malik El-shabazz by Robert Earl Hayden
Frederick Douglass by Robert Earl Hayden
Homage To The Empress Of The Blues by Robert Earl Hayden
Middle Passage by Robert Earl Hayden
Mourning Poem For The Queen Of Sunday by Robert Earl Hayden
O Daedalus, Fly Away Home by Robert Earl Hayden
Runagate Runagate by Robert Earl Hayden
'summertime And The Living' by Robert Earl Hayden
Those Winter Sundays by Robert Earl Hayden
The Whipping by Robert Earl Hayden
Appoggiatura by Donald Jeffrey Hayes
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me by David Henderson
Keep On Pushing by David Henderson
The Louisiana Weekly #4 by David Henderson
They Are Killing All The Young Men by David Henderson
Walk With De Mayor Of Harlem by David Henderson
D Blues by Calvin C. Hernton
Fall Down by Calvin C. Hernton
Jitterbugging In The Streets by Calvin C. Hernton
The Patient: Rockland County Sanitarium by Calvin C. Hernton
So Quietly by Leslie Pinckney Hill
And On This Shore by M. Carl Holman
Notes For A Movie Script by M. Carl Holman
Picnic: The Liberated by M. Carl Holman
Kid Stuff by Frank Horne
Notes [or, Letters] Found Near A Suicide by Frank Horne
On Seeing Two Brown Boys In A Catholic Chruch by Frank Horne
Resurrection by Frank Horne
Christ In Alabama by James Langston Hughes
Cross by James Langston Hughes
Cultural Exchange by James Langston ...

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