New Songs from a Jade Terrace

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9780048950260: New Songs from a Jade Terrace
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Text: English, Chinese (translation)


Watering Horses At A Long Wall Hole by Ch'en Lin
Briskly The Drivers Set Out by Ch'in Chia
Man's Life Is Like The Morning Dew by Ch'in Chia
Sacred Gods Feel No Selfish Love by Ch'in Chia
What's The Use? by Ch'in Chia
Bitter Warfare? by Ch'iu Ch'ih
Nostalgia On Campaign by Ch'iu Ch'ih
Rapturous Song by Ch'iu Chu-yuan
The Seven-jewel Fan by Ch'iu Chu-yuan
Like Sounds by Chang Heng
The One I Love Lives At Goose Gate Pass by Chang Heng
The One I Love Lives At Hanyang by Chang Heng
The One I Love Lives By Mount T'ai by Chang Heng
The One I Love Lives In Cassia Forest by Chang Heng
Cling Close Together by Chang Hsieh
Crystalline by Chang Hsieh
An Empty Room by Chang Hsieh
Fine Tree by Chang Hsieh
No Passing Footsteps by Chang Hsieh
Yang Fang by Chang Hsieh
He Keeps Away by Chang Hua
Last Sweetness by Chang Hua
Marsh Orchid by Chang Hua
My Tiny Heart by Chang Hua
Tour Of Duty by Chang Hua
Vacant Shadow by Chang Hua
Vigil by Chang Hua
Far Betrothed by Chang Shuai
In Rhythm by Chang Shuai
In Unison by Chang Shuai
Pining by Chang Shuai
Staring by Chang Shuai
We Met by Chang Shuai
Wine by Chang Shuai
The One I Love Lives At Lung's West Plain by Chang Tsai
The One I Love Lives By Northern Waters by Chang Tsai
The One I Love Lives East In Yingchow by Chang Tsai
The One I Love Lives In Southern Ch'ao by Chang Tsai
Spring Passion by Chen Ku
Chienhsing Park by Chi Shao-yu
Fun-loving Girls by Chi Shao-yu
Guttering Lamp by Chi Shao-yu
Spring Sun by Chi Shao-yu
Our Marriage by Chia Ch'ung
Why Do I Sigh? by Chia Ch'ung
Your Heart by Chia Ch'ung
The Dancer by Chiang Hung
Her Glamour by Chiang Hung
I Meet You Once Again by Chiang Hung
Just Waiting by Chiang Hung
Lured (green River, 1) by Chiang Hung
My Grimy Face (green River, 2) by Chiang Hung
Red Notepaper by Chiang Hung
A Rose by Chiang Hung
The Singer by Chiang Hung
Widow by Chiang Hung
Winds Crush A Tree by Chiang Hung
Her Exotic Gown by Chiang Po-yao
Lady Pan's 'poem On The Fan by Chiang Yen
Parted Love by Chiang Yen
Separation by Chiang Yen
Unhappy Parting by Chiang Yen
Lone Farewell by Fairy Of Wuhsing [pseud.]
We Pledged Our Love by Fan Ch'in
Despair At Eternal Gate Palace by Fei Ch'ang
Don't You See At Ch'angan's Tavern Gate by Fei Ch'ang
Don't You See How A Lifetime Flashes Past Like Lightning? by Fei Ch'ang
Fulling Cloth In The Night by Fei Ch'ang
In Spring Suburbs I Watch Pretty Girls by Fei Ch'ang
Mount Wu High by Fei Ch'ang
On Autumn Nights Chill Winds Stir by Fei Ch'ang
The One I Love by Fei Ch'ang
Picking Calltrop by Fei Ch'ang
Reflection In A Mirror by Fei Ch'ang
Springtime Betrayed by Fei Ch'ang
Sunny Spring Brings Warmth by Fei Ch'ang
Autumn Orchid by Fu Hsuan
Bright Moon by Fu Hsuan
Dawn Song by Fu Hsuan
Green, Green Riverside Grass by Fu Hsuan
How Does He Ask After Me? by Fu Hsuan
The One I Love Lives In Chuyai by Fu Hsuan
The One I Love Lives In The North by Fu Hsuan
The One I Love Lives In Yingchou by Fu Hsuan
The One I Love Lives On Mount K'un by Fu Hsuan
Past Autumn's Nine by Fu Hsuan
Pity Me! by Fu Hsuan
A Pure Wife by Fu Hsuan
There's A Girl by Fu Hsuan
Yen Women Are Lovely by Fu Hsuan
Your Carriage Is Far by Fu Hsuan
Mourning His Wife by Ho Man-ts'ai
In South Park I Met A Lovely Woman by Ho Ssu-ch'eng
Lady Pan by Ho Ssu-ch'eng
Old Love by Ho Ssu-ch'eng
Autumn Bedroom Frustration by Ho Sun
Bedroom Frustration by Ho Sun
Bedroom Regrets by Ho Sun
The Dancer by Ho Sun
Day And Night I Stare At The River by Ho Sun
For Someone's Pining Wife by Ho Sun
Green, Green Riverside Grass by Ho Sun
I Watch His New Wife by Ho Sun
Reckless by Ho Sun
Reflecting Mirror by Ho Sun
A Satire On The Poet Liu Hsiao-cho by Ho Sun
Seventh Night by Ho Sun
The Singing-house by Ho Sun
South Park by Ho Sun
Spring Wind by Ho Sun
White Seagulls, A Satire On Separated People by Ho Sun
Bronze Steps by Ho Tzu-lang
A Measure Of Wine by Ho Tzu-lang
Moongazing by Ho Tzu-lang
Lost Horizon by Hsi-chun
Dawning Love by Hsiao Chi
Dream In The Night by Hsiao Chi
From A Boudoir Lady To A Man On Campaign by Hsiao Chi
Watching A Singer by Hsiao Chi
As I Dawdle by Hsiao I
Autumn Night by Hsiao I
Cold Night by Hsiao I
I Steal A Look by Hsiao I
Late Nesting Crows by Hsiao I
Love Poem, A Bagatelle by Hsiao I
Moonlit Night by Hsiao I
Night Visit To Cypress Studio by Hsiao I
No More by Hsiao I
Spring's Beauty by Hsiao I
Tangled by Hsiao I
Admiring From A Distance by Hsiao Kang
Back From Camp I Go To The South City Wall by Hsiao Kang
Back In Town On Short Furlough by Hsiao Kang
Bagatelle Attached To A Letter by Hsiao Kang
Bagatelle For A Lovely Woman by Hsiao Kang
Beauty Admires A Painting by Hsiao Kang
Black Ox, Crimson Hubs by Hsiao Kang
Broken Willow by Hsiao Kang
Buying From Lotus Boats by Hsiao Kang
Calm Joy Palace Newly Built by Hsiao Kang
Chic by Hsiao Kang
Cold Bedroom by Hsiao Kang
Cold Bedroom by Hsiao Kang
Dance by Hsiao Kang
The Dance by Hsiao Kang
Falling Rain by Hsiao Kang
First Swallows by Hsiao Kang
Floating Clouds by Hsiao Kang
Floating Clouds Like Curtains by Hsiao Kang
Florescent Moon by Hsiao Kang
For Someone's Discarded Woman by Hsiao Kang
Goddess Or Painting? by Hsiao Kang
Going Through The Grove by Hsiao Kang
The Great Embankment by Hsiao Kang
The Harp by Hsiao Kang
Her Hidden Room by Hsiao Kang
Her Late Boudoir by Hsiao Kang
Hibiscus Myboat by Hsiao Kang
His Favoured Boy by Hsiao Kang
I Can Sigh by Hsiao Kang
I Play My Zither by Hsiao Kang
I See A Dropped Hairpin Reflected In The River's Flow by Hsiao Kang
In Her Mirror by Hsiao Kang
Isolated Manor Grapevines by Hsiao Kang
The Kingdom Of Shu by Hsiao Kang
Love-song by Hsiao Kang
Love-song by Hsiao Kang
Lovely Huai River by Hsiao Kang
A Lovely Woman's Morning Make-up by Hsiao Kang
Mosaic by Hsiao Kang
My Sad Fate by Hsiao Kang
Night After Night by Hsiao Kang
Night After Night by Hsiao Kang
Night Longing In An Autumn Bedroom by Hsiao Kang
North Beach by Hsiao Kang
Or Nurse Shame by Hsiao Kang
Out For A Walk In Late Sunlight by Hsiao Kang
Peach Pink by Hsiao Kang
Pleasure-seekers by Hsiao Kang
A Pledge With Wine by Hsiao Kang
Rafter Dust by Hsiao Kang
Regret by Hsiao Kang
The Road To Loyang by Hsiao Kang
Sending Her Home At Night By Boat by Hsiao Kang
Seventh Night by Hsiao Kang
She Ruins Cities by Hsiao Kang
Sighs Of A Lady Of Ch'u by Hsiao Kang
A Singer's Frustration by Hsiao Kang
Singers By The Wood by Hsiao Kang
Soft Echoes by Hsiao Kang
Sorrel Horse by Hsiao Kang
South Lake by Hsiao Kang
Spiders' Spun Threads by Hsiao Kang
Spring Bedroom Passion by Hsiao Kang
Spring Nights by Hsiao Kang
Spring Passion by Hsiao Kang
Spring River Song by Hsiao Kang
Spring Snow by Hsiao Kang
To A Beauty by Hsiao Kang
Twin Catalpas Grow By A Lonely Well by Hsiao Kang
Unconscious Thoughts by Hsiao Kang
Waning Glimmers by Hsiao Kang
War by Hsiao Kang
Winemaid by Hsiao Kang
Winter Light by Hsiao Kang
A Wool-weave Screen by Hsiao Kang
Her Petticoat by Hsiao Lin
For A Remorseful Former Mistress by Hsiao Lun
From My Carriage I See A Fair Lady by Hsiao Lun
A Pure Wife by Hsiao Lun
A Beautiful Woman by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Holding Hands Home by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
I Remember by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Love In A Spring Boudoir by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
No Regrets by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
A Secret Palace by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Sunny Splendoured Spring by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Sunrise At The Southeast Corner by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Tearstained Mascara by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Why Do People Part? by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
A Woman Strolling In The Park by Hsiao Tzu-hsien
Bagatelle by Hsiao Yen
A Border Guard by Hsiao Yen
Boys by Hsiao Yen
The Candle by Hsiao Yen
Countless Wounding Seasons by Hsiao Yen
Crimson Peach by Hsiao Yen
The Dance by Hsiao Yen
Down South by Hsiao Yen
Flower Of Forgetfulness by Hsiao Yen
Flowers In Her Bedroom by Hsiao Yen
The Flute by Hsiao Yen
For Su Wu's Wife by Hsiao Yen
Fragrant Tree by Hsiao Yen
Full Of Laughter by Hsiao Yen
Fulling Cloth by Hsiao Yen
A Grand House by Hsiao Yen
Green, Green Riverside Grass by Hsiao Yen
He And She by Hsiao Yen
Her Mouth Moves by Hsiao Yen
I Can't Resist by Hsiao Yen
It's Clear by Hsiao Yen
A Jade Dish by Hsiao Yen
Jasper by Hsiao Yen
Looking From A High Terrace by Hsiao Yen
Lotus Blooms by Hsiao Yen
Morning Sun by Hsiao Yen
The One I Love by Hsiao Yen
The Pen by Hsiao Yen
A Promise by Hsiao Yen
Purple Orchid Starts To Bud by Hsiao Yen
Richer Than Gold by Hsiao Yen
A Round Fan by Hsiao Yen
Seventh Night by Hsiao Yen
Shy Love by Hsiao Yen
A Soldier Departs by Hsiao Yen
Sprays To Send My Darling by Hsiao Yen
A Sweet Thought by Hsiao Yen
This Heart Of Mine by Hsiao Yen
To Let Him Know by Hsiao Yen
True Love Harmonies by Hsiao Yen
The Weaving Wife by Hsiao Yen
Fulling Cloth by Hsieh Hiu-lien
A Gown Near My Body by Hsieh Hiu-lien
The Seventh by Hsieh Hiu-lien
Someone Else's Husband by Hsieh Ling-yun
Someone Else's Wife by Hsieh Ling-yun
As The Spring Scene Fades by Hsieh T'iao
Autumn Nights by Hsieh T'iao
The Bed by Hsieh T'iao
The Candle by Hsieh T'iao
Falling Plum Blossom by Hsieh T'iao
A Former Palace Lady Marries A Supplies Sergeant by Hsieh T'iao
Honoured Guests Lend Brilliance To The Four Seats by Hsieh T'iao
In A Jasper Boudoir I Hear Bracelets Tinkling by Hsieh T'iao
In Love For Ever by Hsieh T'iao
Jade Steps Lament by Hsieh T'iao
The Lamp by Hsieh T'iao
The Mirrorstand by Hsieh T'iao
The One I Love by Hsieh T'iao
A Party At Golden Vale by Hsieh T'iao
A Prince Went Wandering by Hsieh T'iao
Resentment by Hsieh T'iao
The Imperial Guards Officer by Hsin Yen-nien
Deliberately by Hsu Chun-ch'ien
Echoing Song by Hsu Chun-ch'ien
Out Early In Spring Holding Hands With My Wife by Hsu Chun-ch'ien
Sitting Out New Year With My Wife by Hsu Chun-ch'ien
A Poem On Sweet Promise Sent To My Mistress by Hsu Fei
To My Wife by Hsu Fei
Bedroom Longing by Hsu Kan
Bagatelle by Hsu Ling
The Dance by Hsu Ling
In Her Bedroom Watching For Me by Hsu Ling
A Maid's Thanks For A Mrror by Hsu Ling
Wu Tzu by Hsu Ling
Response To My Husband, Ch'in Chia by Hsu Shu
The Gnarled Pillow by Hsu Yao
I've Quite Forgotten by Hsu Yao
A Grand House by Hsun Ch'ang
Green, Green Riverside Grass by Hsun Ch'ang
Gay Boys by Juan Chi
We'll Never Forget by Juan Chi
Lady Pan by K'ung Weng-kuei
The Mirror by Kao Shuang
Winemaid by Kao Shuang
Parody Of A Lover by Li Chung
A Song by Li Yen-nien
Chill At Dusk by Liu
In Brilliant Spring by Liu
Wang Chao-chun's Regret by Liu
Halt Troops Everywhere! by Liu Chun
Pitfalls On Campaign by Liu Chun
Round And Round by Liu Chun
Children Picking Caltrop by Liu Hsiao-cho
A Dropped Earring by Liu Hsiao-cho
Flirting by Liu Hsiao-cho
From A Distance by Liu Hsiao-cho
Gleaming Gamesboard by Liu Hsiao-cho
Left For My Love by Liu Hsiao-cho
Singer In The Night by Liu Hsiao-cho
Rock-lotus by Liu Hsiao-i
Weaver by Liu Hsiao-i
Beauty by Liu Hsiao-wei
For My Wife by Liu Hsiao-wei
In The Wilds On A Moonlit Night by Liu Hsiao-wei
Poor Darling by Liu Hsiao-wei
Remembrance by Liu Hsiao-wei
Toying With Her Hair by Liu Hsiao-wei
Winter Light by Liu Hsiao-wei
Autumn Night by Liu Huan
Cold Bedroom by Liu Huan
She Ruins Cities by Liu Huan
Winter Dark by Liu Huan
Gay by Liu Hung
Cloistered by Liu Ling-hsien
Flowery Garden Lovely With Rays Slanting by Liu Ling-hsien
In The East House A Perfect Beauty? by Liu Ling-hsien
Lady Pan's Regret by Liu Ling-hsien
No One Suspects by Liu Ling-hsien
To My Late Husband's Mistress by Liu Ling-hsien
A Twin-stemmed Gardenia by Liu Ling-hsien
Autumn Bedroom by Liu Miao
Broken Willow by Liu Miao
For A Weaver by Liu Miao
Mulberry Picker by Liu Miao
Bright Moon White by Liu Shuo
Fierce Winter's Cold Air Comes by Liu Shuo
Green, Green Riverside Grass by Liu Shuo
Herdboy And Weaver Stars by Liu Shuo
On, On, Ever On And On by Liu Shuo
Back From Camp To The City by Liu Tsun
Gay by Liu ...

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