Serway, Raymond A. Principles of Physics

ISBN 13: 9780030134180

Principles of Physics

9780030134180: Principles of Physics

The second edition includes a stronger conceptual approach, offering new conceptual examples and problems, and it presents contemporary physics topics early to gain student interest. This book is intended for the science and engineering physics course. Features: * Topics in 20th-century physics, such as relativity and the Bohr atom, are introduced early in the text. * Worked Examples of varying difficulty reinforce material and serve as models for solving end-of-chapter problems. * Exercises with Answers represent extensions of worked examples and encourage students to utilize their problem-solving skills. * Margin Notes help students locate and review important statements, concepts, and equations. * Problem-Solving Strategies and Hints help students identify important procedures and understand the logic behind solving various types of problems. * End-of-Chapter Questions and Problems focus on conceptual understanding of material and challenge students to apply principles just learned. New to this edition: * Thinking Physics conceptual examples have been added to the text to help students gain a better conceptual understanding of material. * Conceptual Problems allow students to apply the concepts learned in Thinking Physics to problem-solving. Answers are provided at the end of the chapter. * The former chapter on Forces and Fields in Nature has been deleted, moving the topics of the fundamental forces in nature and the gravitational field to other chapters. * New chapter (15) on fluid mechanics provides valuable information, especially to those pursuing a career in mechanical engineering or the life sciences. * The material on oscillatory motion and waves is now covered earlier, following mechanics. * The chapters covering interference and diffraction of light waves have been consolidated into one chapter (27), Wave Optics. * Polarization of light is now treated earlier in Chapter 24, Electromagnetic Waves. * Fission and fusion have been moved to Chapter 30, Nuclear Physics.

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An Invitation to Physics. 1. Introduction and Vectors. Context 1: Mission to Mars. 2. Motion in One Dimension. 3. Motion in Two Dimensions. 4. The Laws of Motion. 5. More Applications of Newton's Laws. 6. Energy and Energy Transfer. 7. Potential Energy. 8. Momentum and Collisions. 9. Relativity. 10. Rotational Motion. 11. Gravity, Planetary Orbits, and the Hydrogen Atom. Context 1: Conclusion - A Successful Mission Plan. Context 2: Earthquakes. 12. Oscillatory Motion. 13. Mechanical Waves. 14. Superposition and Standing Waves. Context 1: Conclusion-Minimizing the Risk. Context 2: Search for the Titanic. 15. Fluid Mechanics. Context 3: Conclusion: Finding and Visiting the Titanic. VOLUME II. Context 4: Global Warming. 16. Temperature and the Kinetic Theory of Gases. 17. Energy in Thermal Processes - The First Law of Thermodynamics. 18. Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Context 4: Conclusion: Predicting the Correct Surface Temperature. Context 5: Lightning. 19. Electric Forces and Electric Fields. 20. Electric Potential and Capacitance. 21. Current and Direct Current Circuits. Context 5: Conclusion: Modeling the Atmosphere to Determine the Number of Lightning Strikes. Context 6: Magnetic Levitation Vehicles. 22. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields. 23. Faraday's Law and Inductance. Context 6: Conclusion: Propelling and Braking the Vehicle. Context 7: Lasers. 24. Electromagnetic Waves. 25. Reflection and Refraction of Light. 26. Image Formation by Mirrors and Lenses. 27. Wave Optics. Context 7: Conclusion: Using Lasers to Store Information. Context 8: The Cosmic Connection. 28. Quantum Mechanics. 29. Atomic Physics. 30. Nuclear Physics. 31. Particle Physics. Context 8: Conclusion: Problems and Perspectives. Appendices. Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems. Index.

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