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Stevenage, HE, United Kingdom


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About H4o Books

H4o Books has been up and running since December 2005. We are an online only bookseller, and currently have around 13000 books in our inventory. Most subjects covered, but specialise in History, esp. military and Childrens.

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Antiques Antiques, Architecture Antiques, Collecting
Antiques, Collecting, Art Antiques, Collecting, Art, China, Pottery, Japan, Antiques, Collecting, Books
Antiques, Collecting, Catalogue (Trade), Foreign L Antiques, Collecting, Clocks, Watches, Horology, C Antiques, Collecting, Company History, Porcelain
Antiques, Collecting, Dolls, Dolls Houses, Royalty Antiques, Collecting, Furniture Antiques, Collecting, Furniture, Usa
Antiques, Collecting, Glass Antiques, Collecting, Glass, Ceramics Antiques, Collecting, Horology, Clocks, Usa
Antiques, Collecting, Military, Models, Model Sold Antiques, Collecting, Models, Model Soldiers Antiques, Collecting, Pens, Shire Publication
Antiques, Collecting, Porcelain Antiques, Collecting, Porcelain, Pottery Antiques, Collecting, Porcelain, Shire Publication
Antiques, Collecting, Porcelain, Spode China, Shir Antiques, Collecting, Pottery, Porcelain Antiques, Collecting, Pottery, Porcelain, Wales
Antiques, Collecting, Pottery, Wales, Shire Public Antiques, Collecting, Rugs, Carpets Antiques, Collecting, Silver
Antiques, Collecting, Teddy Bear Antiques, Collecting, Usa Antiques, Collecting, Victorian, Edwardian, Photog
Antiques, Dolls Houses Antiques, Porcelain, Collecting, Italy, Pottery Architecture
Architecture, Batsford Architecture, Biography Architecture, Churches
Architecture, Churches, Brasses, History Architecture, Churches, Shire Publication Architecture, Churches, Topography (Uk), Topograph
Architecture, England Architecture, England, Uk (General) Architecture, History, History (British), Topograp
Architecture, Scotland, History, History (British) Architecture, Topography (Uk), Churches Architecture, Topography (Uk), Topography (Uk Gene
Art Art, America, Literature, Usa Art, America, Reference, Usa
Art, Antiques Art, Architecture Art, Art Deco
Art, Arts & Crafts Movement Art, Arts & Crafts Movement, Biography, Shire Publ Art, Belgium, Holland
Art, Biography Art, Biography, Arts & Crafts Movement Art, Biography, Watercolour
Art, Calligraphy Art, Caricatures, Cartoons Art, Catalogue (Art)
Art, China Art, Drawing Art, Foreign Language, French
Art, France Art, German Art, History
Art, History, Architecture Art, History, Philosophy Art, Holland, Belgium
Art, Humour Art, Impressionism Art, India, Sculpture
Art, Italy Art, London Art, Maritime, Maritime Painting
Art, Oil Painting Art, Oil Painting, Watercolour, Catalogue (Art) Art, Pop Art
Art, Royalty Art, Russia Art, Sculpture, France, Foreign Language, French
Art, Spain Astronomy Astronomy, Science & Technology
Astronomy, Space Travel Biography Biography, Africa, South Africa
Biography, Bosnia Biography, Canada Biography, Cars, Transport
Biography, Childrens, Scouts Biography, China Biography, Countryside
Biography, Gardening, Shire Publication Biography, Gloucestershire Biography, History, History (British)
Biography, Ireland, Terrorism Biography, Letters Biography, Literary Criticism
Biography, Literary Criticism, Shakespeare Biography, Literature Biography, Literature, Russia
Biography, Medical Biography, Military Biography, Newspapers
Biography, North East Uk, Yorkshire Biography, Performing Arts Biography, Performing Arts, France, Singers
Biography, Poetry Biography, Politics Biography, Politics, Political Biography
Biography, Politics, Trade Unions, Political Biogr Biography, Pottery, Shire Publication Biography, Religion
Biography, Royalty Biography, Russia Biography, Russia, History
Biography, Science & Technology, History, History Biography, Scotland Biography, Shakespeare
Biography, Topography (Foreign), Travel Biography, Tv, Politics, Political Biography Biography, Wales
Biography, Wales, Poetry Biography, Womens Interest Biography, Womens Interest, Topography (Uk), South
Britain In Pictures Britain In Pictures, Antiques, Collecting, Glass Britain In Pictures, Antiques, Collecting, Glass,
Britain In Pictures, Art Britain In Pictures, Biography, Diary Britain In Pictures, Botany, Natural History
Britain In Pictures, Dogs, Dogs (Factual), Pets Britain In Pictures, Farming Britain In Pictures, Field Sports, Angling, Natura
Britain In Pictures, Furniture, Antiques, Collecti Britain In Pictures, Gardening Britain In Pictures, History, History (British)
Britain In Pictures, History, Uk (General), Histor Britain In Pictures, Inns, Topography (Uk) Britain In Pictures, Literature, Biography
Britain In Pictures, London Britain In Pictures, Maps, Cartography Britain In Pictures, Natural History
Britain In Pictures, Natural History, Botany, Wild Britain In Pictures, Natural History, Entomology, Britain In Pictures, Ornithology, Natural History
Britain In Pictures, Philosophy, Biography Britain In Pictures, Poetry Britain In Pictures, Polar, Exploration
Britain In Pictures, Politics Britain In Pictures, Religion, Bible Related Britain In Pictures, Sport
Britain In Pictures, Sport, Cricket Britain In Pictures, Topography (Uk), Topography ( Business
Business, Accounting Business, Company History, Law, Reference Business, Economics
Business, Law Business, Marketing Business, Medical, Health
Business, Tax Business, Usa Cats, Cats (Factual)
Cats, Cats (Factual), Pets Cats, Cats (Fiction), Anthology Story Cats, Cats (Fiction), Anthology Story, Literatur
Cats, Cats (Fiction), Literature Cats, Cats (Fiction), Pets Cats, Cats (Fiction), Poetry, Anthology Poetry
Cats, Cats (Reference) Cats, Cats (Reference), Pets Cats, Cats (Reference), Pets, Diary
Childrens Childrens, Abc Childrens, Abc, Angels
Childrens, Abc, Beatrix Potter Childrens, Abc, Beginner Books Childrens, Abc, Board Books
Childrens, Abc, Counting Childrens, Abc, Fairies Childrens, Abc, Noddy
Childrens, Abc, Nonsense Childrens, Adventure Childrens, Adventure, Boys, Boys Adventure
Childrens, Adventure, Historical Story Childrens, Adventure, Red Indian Childrens, Advertising
Childrens, Alice Childrens, Alice, Ladybird Childrens, Alice, Puffin Story Book
Childrens, Animal Story Childrens, Animal Story, Badgers Childrens, Animal Story, Badgers, Foxes
Childrens, Animal Story, Bear Childrens, Animal Story, Bear, Fairy Tales Childrens, Animal Story, Beatrix Potter
Childrens, Animal Story, Beatrix Potter, Board Boo Childrens, Animal Story, Beatrix Potter, Squirrels Childrens, Animal Story, Birds (Childrens), Nature
Childrens, Animal Story, Blackberry Farm Childrens, Animal Story, Board Books Childrens, Animal Story, Cartoons
Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Beatrix Potter, Cat Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Cats (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Cats (Childrens), D
Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Cats (Childrens), S Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Ladybird, Beatrix P Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Squirrels, Cats (Ch
Childrens, Animal Story, Cats, Tv, Cats (Childrens Childrens, Animal Story, Chickens (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Chickens (Childrens), Puz
Childrens, Animal Story, Christmas, Rabbits (Child Childrens, Animal Story, Countryside Childrens, Animal Story, Deer
Childrens, Animal Story, Deer, Disney Childrens, Animal Story, Disney Childrens, Animal Story, Dogs, Dogs (Childrens)
Childrens, Animal Story, Ducks (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Ducks (Childrens), Beatri Childrens, Animal Story, Ducks (Childrens), Ladybi
Childrens, Animal Story, Early Readers Childrens, Animal Story, Early Readers, Pigs (Chil Childrens, Animal Story, Elephant
Childrens, Animal Story, Fables, Golden Book Childrens, Animal Story, Film Childrens, Animal Story, Foxes
Childrens, Animal Story, Foxes, Beatrix Potter Childrens, Animal Story, Frog Childrens, Animal Story, Frog, Beatrix Potter
Childrens, Animal Story, Frog, Ladybird, Beatrix P Childrens, Animal Story, Geese (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Giraffe
Childrens, Animal Story, Guineapig (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Hares Childrens, Animal Story, Hares, Badgers
Childrens, Animal Story, Hedgehogs Childrens, Animal Story, Hedgehogs, Beatrix Potter Childrens, Animal Story, Koalas
Childrens, Animal Story, Lambs (Childrens) Childrens, Animal Story, Mice Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Abc
Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Beatrix Potter Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Cats, Cats (Childre Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Golden Book, Circus
Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Ladybird, Beatrix P Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Little Brown Mouse Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Little Poppet Serie
Childrens, Animal Story, Mice, Music (Childrens)

Bookstore Terms

All our books are offered on approval. Should you be dissatisfied in any way then please return within 7 working days for a full refund (as per EU distance selling regulations). We can provide photos by email on request.

[Information regarding the right of cancellation]

Shipping Terms:

Shipping will occur when cheques(checks)have been received. For same day clearing (e.g. Visa) then same day dispatch if ordered before noon UK time, thereafter next business day. Shipping costs are based on books weighing 2.2 lb, or 1 KG. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required Legal Entity Information: H40 Consulting Ltd 18 Sish Lane Stevenage Herts SG1 3LS Email: Duncan@h4o.co.uk Phone: 0044 (0) 7779626476 Authorised representative : Duncan hooker Company Registration Number : 06465567 VAT number : 916 2962 11 Issued Share Capital : GBP 100.00