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Literary QuizCalling All Irish Literature Buffs

Ireland's literary heritage includes many famous names. James Joyce, WB Yeats, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw are just some of its literary legends. Test your knowledge with the Abebooks quiz. Best of Irish Luck.


1. Who was a key character in James Joyce's Ulysses?
Stephen Dedalus    Stephen Julius   Stephen Mobius    Stephen Sandalus

2. Oscar Wilde wrote just one novel - what was it?
Gulliver's Travels    Dubliners    The Picture of Dorian Gray    Waiting for Godot

3. What is the correct title of WB Yeats' famous poem about an Irish uprising?
Christmas Eve 1914    Labor Day 1915    Easter 1916    Thanksgiving 1917

4. Only one of these writers was born in Ireland - which one is it?
F. Scott Fitzgerald    Bram Stoker    John Steinbeck    Eugene O'Neill

5. Which musical was based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion?
The Sound of Music    Fiddler on the Roof    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers My Fair Lady

Thanks for taking part.

One final question... If you've ever tried to read James Joyce's Ulysses and failed to finish it, check here