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Ten vintage books you should give as gifts

We’ve picked 10 books that would make great gifts based on the cover alone. 1. For the Shopper: Black Friday. 2. For the Psychologist: Drugs and the Mind. 3. For the Cook: Eggs, Beans and Crumpets. 4. For the Dreamer: The Flight from the Enchanter. 5. For the Animal Lover:  Jack of the Circus. 6. […]

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The vintage travel books of H.V. Morton

Last month I picked up my first H.V. Morton book, A Stranger in Spain. I had learned a little about Morton from my research for our 50 Essential Travel Books feature so a shelf of his work proved irresistible to someone who enjoys thoughtful travel writing. Flicking through the book, I knew I had to buy […]

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Another Gerry Anderson story is go

Thunderbirds are go. Well, not exactly but something is go. The family of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, who died last year, have announced a new series of books will be published based on a story he had started before his death. The story concerns a secret organisation called Gemini Force One (GF1). MG Harris, the […]

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Health and Efficiency Magazine – 100+ years of nudism

If you are a nudist, or a naturist in some circles, then you will know Health and Efficiency Magazine, which is now called H&E naturist magazine. This is no ordinary niche journal serving a very particular group of people – Health and Efficiency began publishing in 1900, so it has a long history. It has […]

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How to Use a Colonial Era Printing Press

If you have a colonial era printing press tucked away in the cellar, here’s a video about how to use one.

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The best ‘old’ books read last year

Why bother with new books when there are so many good old ones to read? The Guardian asked some authors and critics to reveal their favourite old books that they read in 2012. Lionel Shriver said W Somerset Maugham’s The Collected Short Stories, AL Kennedy said Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll […]

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Forgotten book of the day – The Big Budget for Girls

I found this lovely book at a charity book sale. The Big Budget for Girls was a series of books published annually during the 1930s.  Published by Blackie, the book is full of stories for girls but it was the cover artwork that attracted me. There also some lovely illustrations inside. The stories are called […]

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Forgotten book of the day: The Wreck of the South Pole

Forgotten book of the day is The Wreck of the South Pole and Other Strange Tales by Charles Curtz Hahn. A novel from 1899 published by Street & Smith in New York.  There is a lost race of humanoid in the Antarctic that possess telepathic powers and advanced technology. A rare book and I love […]

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A book from the golden age of cycling

Before lycra, before doping, before Lance Armstrong, before Bradley Wiggins, before those funny aerodynamic helmets, there was a book published in 1900 called Cycling the Alps With Some Notes on the Chief Passes by C.L. Freeston. It was a time when ladies cycled in very long skirts. It appears C.L. Freeston wasn’t a devotee of […]

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Vintage advertising: Jean Harlow sells cigarettes

I love this Jean Harlow advert for cigarettes from1931.

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