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“Sausage machine” to disliking birds’ feet – 10 facts about Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, the prolific writer of murder mysteries, was far from dull. Aside from her infamous disappearance in 1926 that fascinated a complete nation, there were many interesting aspects to her life. 1) Agatha dictated all her novels to an assistant. She suffered from dysgraphia, a learning disability, which stopped her from writing in a […]

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For the joy of reading: 12 bibliomemoirs

I’m sure you can all work out what sort of books are classified as bibliomemoirs. They are not all that common but memoirs about a life of reading, or the books that have particularly influenced someone are intriguing to fellow bibliophiles. Readers can always relate to fellow readers. Here is a selection of bibliomemoirs to […]

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A reading list from the nine-year-old who read 272 books in six months

Here’s a heartwarming story from Knutsford in Cheshire. A nine-year-old school girl, Faith Jackson from Hough Green, has ploughed through 272 books in six months. She began keeping track on 1 July at the suggestion of her mother, Laura, so they could see how she did during the school holidays. However, Faith kept counting once […]

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Ten vintage books you should give as gifts

We’ve picked 10 books that would make great gifts based on the cover alone. 1. For the Shopper: Black Friday. 2. For the Psychologist: Drugs and the Mind. 3. For the Cook: Eggs, Beans and Crumpets. 4. For the Dreamer: The Flight from the Enchanter. 5. For the Animal Lover:  Jack of the Circus. 6. […]

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Mantel to Hugo: 50 essential historical fiction novels

Our latest feature is 50 essential historical fiction novels. This genre has never been bigger. Hilary Mantel has twice won the Booker with historical novels based in Tudor times and Eleanor Catton’s acclaimed novel, The Luminaries, which is set amid in the New Zealand gold rush, has won just about everything in 2013. This feature […]

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Ten tips for reading to young children

Over at The Guardian, Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon offers 10 tips to make bedtime reading fun for children. In brief, they are… 1. Start early (as in early in life) 2. You are not too busy to read to your child 3. Get your child a library card 4. Think of all those great books […]

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Lahiri, McCann & Tóibín Lead 2013 Booker Longlist

The longlist for the 2013 Man Booker Prize has been revealed today. The big names in contention are Jhumpa Lahiri, Colum McCann and Colm Tóibín, although there is plenty of literary talent on the list. Here are the books: Tash Aw – Five Star Billionaire Eleanor Catton – The Luminaries Jim Crace – Harvest Eve […]

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30 Great Gatsby covers

Yes, The Great Gatsby is everywhere thanks to Baz and Leo, but F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel never really went away. It’s been published countless times since 1925. Join us on a countdown of 30 Gatsby cover designs – a few great ones, some good ones, and a couple of shockers too.

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Lily’s bookshelf – home & away

Lily King works in the AbeBooks’ Customer Support department as our communications specialist. She has been an AbeBooks employee for seven years, and a voracious reader all her life. More a fan of reading than collecting, Lily loves the freedom that books offer, as well as the ability they give her to see parts of […]

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Literature from Librarians: Great Reads Written by the Experts

This is a unique reading list – these books were all written by librarians and most of them were recommended to us by librarians. If any profession is well qualified to write books then librarians truly fit the bill. Librarians are loyal customers of AbeBooks and we tend to listen when they speak. But it […]

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