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“Fifty Shades of *****” and much more – Noel Gallagher’s epic rant against fiction

GQ magazine has an interview with Noel Gallagher and the interviewer Danny Wallace covers the subject of books (Wallace is an author with at least four books to his name) with the former Oasis star. I’ve included the book-related portion of the interview below. I think there are 24 swear words in this section alone. […]

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Interview with Booker contender Ruth Ozeki

She’s one of the front-runners for the 2013 Man Booker Prize. She splits her time between New York and British Columbia. She wrote an acclaimed novel about a woman living on Cortes Island, British Columbia, in a remote area known as Desolation Sound. She’s currently one of the most talked about authors in the book […]

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Richard Branson: Disciple of the Dice Man books

Virgin boss Richard Branson has revealed how he was heavily influenced by Luke Rhinehart’s Dice Man books in the early stages of his business career. The original Dice Man novel, a fictional memoir, was published in 1971 and it tells tells the story of a psychiatrist who makes decisions according to the throw of a dice. The […]

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Is a Scottish farmer the latest star of crime writing?

The Daily Telegraph has interviewed Scottish farmer and crime writer James Oswald – another success story from the world of self-published ebook authors. He has released two ebooks - Natural Causes and a sequel, The Book of Souls – and has racked up sales of 350,000. Now Natural Causes is being released as a physical book from […]

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The Master of Middle-Earth and Oxford’s influence

To celebrate JRR Tolkien’s birthday on 3 January, the BBC looks at the origins of The Hobbit and asks how much of an influence Oxford was on the author. Of course, Oxford was where Tolkien studied and taught, and wrote the book. “[I remember] the actual flashpoint,” Tolkien told the BBC in March 1968 about […]

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Get Jiro! Anthony Bourdain on writing a graphic novel

American food and travel writer Anthony Bourdain has co-authored a foodie graphic novel, Get Jiro!, about warring  clans of chefs in a futuristic Los Angeles (so it’s based on reality then). Jiro is a supreme sushi chef who is wanted by both sides but devoted solely to the art of making sushi. The culinary war […]

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Herman Wouk still laying down the law at 97

The New York Times wrote about Herman Wouk at the weekend. The American author, famous for The Winds of War (remember the mini-series?) and The Caine Mutiny, is still writing at the age of 97. His latest book is called The Lawgiver. This writer has been around for so long that he remembers Simon & […]

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Illustrator Quentin Blake at 80

The illustrator Quentin Blake, who is now 80 years old, is interviewed by the Daily Telegraph. If you have read a Roald Dahl book, then you have seen his illustrations. The interview is an interesting read. Everything Blake does takes shape in one room of his flat; a large, rather gloomy space with shelves crammed with […]

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Recognising Colm Tóibín

How many of today’s famous authors would you recognise in the street? JK Rowling, sure, perhaps Stephen King, and then not many others, I’d venture. Irish author Colm Tóibín is interviewed in the Daily Telegraph and I love this little anecdote of a street meeting in Dublin. “I was waiting to get money out of […]

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Lemony Snicket on playing the accordion

Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler is interviewed in the Daily Telegraph. Who knew that he was an accordion player? One way he switches off is by listening and playing music. It’s always been a passion for someone who hosted a radio playing blues music. Handler plays the accordion and sits in with a band most Thursday nights […]

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