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As You Wish: Cary Elwes’ New Book on The Princess Bride

Inconceivable! Can it be true? Fans of The Princess Bride (and how could one not be?) will surely be delighted to hear that Cary Elwes, the actor who played Westley/Farm Boy/The Dread Pirate Roberts in the 1987 film adaptation of the book has come out with a book of his own. Out next month, As […]

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Adrian Mole author Sue Townsend dies at 68

Sad news yesterday. The death of author Sue Townsend was announced. Townsend, of course, created Adrian Mole. She was 68 and had been left blind after suffering from diabetes. She suffered a stroke in December 2012. The Guardian describes her success and where the idea for Adrian Mole came from – her own experiences. Mole […]

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Absolute misery: Charles Dickens meets The Smiths

The BBC Horrible Histories children’s TV show does Charles Dickens in style of The Smiths. Very funny. Surely, this gag is for the parents?

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Ereader humour

A little ereader humour from the New Yorker Magazine.

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The trials & tribulations of reading a book

Michael Palin from Monty Python takes a crack at reading Walter Scott’s Redgauntlet – my six-year-old, in the early stages of learning to read, could relate to this clip.

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