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Ten vintage books you should give as gifts

We’ve picked 10 books that would make great gifts based on the cover alone. 1. For the Shopper: Black Friday. 2. For the Psychologist: Drugs and the Mind. 3. For the Cook: Eggs, Beans and Crumpets. 4. For the Dreamer: The Flight from the Enchanter. 5. For the Animal Lover:  Jack of the Circus. 6. […]

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Smaug takes to the skies on a jumbo jet

Air New Zealand has put Smaug on the side of one of its planes. I believe it’s still a non-smoking flight. Imagine if this trend continues? Superman on a United jet, Winnie the Pooh on a British Airways plane.

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The world’s most expensive shopping bag… by Andy Warhol

Behold, the world’s most expensive shopping bag. Being offered by Peter Harrington, this Andy Warhol creation costs £3,750 and was created for an exhibition in Boston in 1966.   I love the idea of someone buying it and then their housekeeper (because someone wealthy enough to afford it would have servants) picking it up without looking […]

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Library of Lost Books Opens in Birmingham

The Library of Lost Books, an exhibition of art works created from discarded library books, opened on 6 November as part of the opening festival for the new Library of Birmingham. In 2011, curator Susan Kruse, a Birmingham artist, salvaged 55 old, damaged books and music scores from the library’s discard bins, some of them […]

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New edition of Codex Seraphinianus for weird art fans

Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was originally published in 1981, this book has fascinated fans of the unusual. The crazy surreal artwork. The language that no-one can decode. Luigi Serafini is author of the world’s weirdest book in our humble opinion. Italian artist Serafini still maintains an air of mystery when asked about the Codex book. […]

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Step into Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House with his new book

Movie director Guillermo del Toro has written a book called Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions and it looks remarkable. He’s a bibliophile and this video also shows lots of views of his home (called Bleak House) – check out the books piled everywhere and the painting of Edgar Allan Poe. The director […]

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A book to make your eyes hurt

Looking for a book that will make your eyes hurt? Thames and Hudson has just published The Magic of MC Escher. The artist (1898-1972) is famous for deceiving the mind’s eye. Escher’s works – woodcuts, lithographs, and drawings – are arranged to form a cinematic look at his achievements. There are 380 puzzling but fascinating […]

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Vanessa Bell’s 1926 Christmas present to Virginia Woolf

How about this for a piece of Bloomsbury Group memorabilia? A ceramic tile given to Virginia Woolf by her artist sister Vanessa Bell for Christmas in 1926. Priced at close to £100,000, it must be one of the most expensive tiles in history although this Andy Warhol tile is not cheap either. Sketches in Pen […]

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The Story of Ping, a pioneering children’s picture book

One of the more notable and rare children’s books found on AbeBooks is The Story of Ping by Marjorie Flack and illustrated by Kurt Wiese. Published in 1933, first editions of this book can now be priced in excess of £300. The story concerns a domesticated Chinese duck lost on the Yangtze River and it’s been […]

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Literaturwurst or the fine art of sausages made from books

I’d like to introduce a new genre to both bookselling and cooked meat – it’s called Literaturwurst. I give you German artist Dieter Roth, who apparently created around 50 ‘literature sausages’, according to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which put on a Dieter Roth exhibition earlier this year. To make each sausage […]

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